Stone Quarry House

Stone Quarry House offers luxurious solar-powered eco-friendly lodging for visitors to Ithaca, and Omega-3 rich eggs from heritage breeds of chickens and ducks: Buff Orpington and Jersey Giant chickens; Cauyga ducks and Blue Indian Runner ducks. The chickens are hardy and calm, good layers throughout the cooler months. The iridescent Cayuga ducks were named for Cayuga Lake and they are very well adapted to our local conditions.

The ducks live on the pond, the surrounding yard and hillside, never coming into the run unless they are herded in. The chickens feel at home in the coop, but spend their days foraging in the yard and adjacent wooded area. The vigilance of our miniature poodle and Maltese/poodle cross help protect the flocks from predators.

We feed locally grown organic corn, wheat, spelt, oats and soybeans to supplement forage. We also supplement with Organic Valley whole milk powder, fresh organic milk when available, organic flax seeds, organic powdered egg shells, Red Star nutritional yeast, kelp and trace amounts of dicalcium phosphate. Eggs are packaged in environmentally friendly Ovotherm egg cartons made of recycled PVC-free bottles.

We welcome visitors.


Listing last updated on May 3, 2009

Try duck eggs in your baking!

Schedule and Location:

Come to the house if you don't see the cooler with eggs at the end of the driveway. Email or call if you want to inquire about delivery.

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