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Our farm is located in Davisburg, Michigan. It is a small gentleman farm that has been a work in progress since our arrival in 1997. One of our first objectives was to utilize the property's natural resources and, with a bit of hard work, be self reliant. To that end, we have maintained a large garden, planted a small orchard, tapped the maple trees for their sweet sap, rendered delicious syrup, and yes, raise poultry.

Our hen house went up in 1998 and we have enjoyed wonderful fresh eggs year round. We sell some of our eggs to friends and neighbors. The hens have free run of the coop and fenced area, and in the warmer months, they roam freely around the yard doing what chickens love to do, forage for tasty things and scratch at the ground. Ours get plenty of fresh air and sunshine to keep them healthy and happy. Happy chickens lay better tasting eggs.

We have been raising our own meat chickens and it has been a resounding success. Not only from a farming experience, but we are producing and enjoying an additional food source that we know is free of pesticides, herbicides and growth hormones. Our experience has allowed us a superior product in both flavor and meat yield. That translates into great food value.

Our birds are raised outside in a chicken tractor. Their house is moved everyday to provide them with fresh grasses to supplement their diet of wholesome grains mixed locally. We do not supplement their nutrition. They only consume the freshness of their environment, that you will appreciate with every bite. These birds carry a lot of tender, succulent meat that provides a substantial value over the typical store bought birds.

Why seasonal chickens? Due to our climate, (cold winters) we would have to change our method of raising our chickens. That is a compromise we are not willing to make. Like summer tomatoes, they are best in season and worth the wait.

NOTICE FOR THE 2013 SEASON: We will be taking the season off this year so that we can take the time to move a building and make some changes that will streamline our process and serve our customers better for the 2014 season.

I want to thank everyone for your patronage over the last years and am looking forward to reacquainting in 2014 and providing locally produced chicken to our friends in the community.

The chickens are delivered wrapped in plastic and ready for the BBQ or into the freezer for a delicious meal in the future. Birds will weigh between 51/2 to 71/2 lbs @ $3.50/lb. Additional charge of $1.00/bird for processing.

Additional offerings: $1.00/5 Livers Bag $1.00/5 Giblets (gizzards & Necks) Bag $1.00/5 Feet Bag

Birds that are frozen will hold beautifully all year long.

EMAIL ORDERS, GO TO: and you will receive a confirmation of your order.

Thanks to all of our current customers for your support in the local food movement and our efforts to bring healthy food to your table. I would appreciate any feedback you may have so we can continue to provide the best service to all of you.

Share a meal with your friends and family and let them know where they can find healthy, wholesome chicken.

Check us out at our website for fresh local products at


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