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Stony Brook Farm is a pasture-based pig farm set on a hillside of the Schoharie Valley. I raise purebred Berkshire and Berkshire-Duroc cross pigs.

All of the animals are rotationally grazed on permanent and/or annual pastures. Some of the pigs are raised in the woods, and in the fall eat so much "mast" (fallen acorns and other tree nuts) that their poop turns purple from the tanins! From July through December, the pigs are turned into field pea and barley and corn fields to "hog down" the grain (harvest themselves). This was a popular method of feed cost savings from the early- to mid-20th Century, before the rise of industrial confinement.

We no longer participate in any farmers markets or do sales of retail cuts. However, we do offer whole and half pigs.

Listing last updated on Feb 20, 2013

Whole and/or half pigs available. They will be ready in the summer, between June and August. The price is $3.00/lb hanging weight, plus processing fees, and a $200 deposit.

Contact me at your convenience with questions and/or to place an order.

Schedule and Location:

Whole and half pigs are available from June through August.

Whole and half Berkshire and Berkshire-Duroc cross pigs are available year round, on a weekly basis. The pigs can be skinned or skin-on. Weekly delivery to New York City is available.

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