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I started farming colored Angora goats several years ago after being diagnosed with MS. It is a true passion. I have goats, chickens, ducks, guineas, a donkey, a llama, dogs and cats. I take care of everyone and just love them to death. I shear, process the fiber, spin the yarn and then weave or crochet the MOHAIR from my goats. I also show my goats and took 1st for Jr Doe at Nationals, and 4th Jr Buck, in '08, and took Grand Champion Doe at the Texas State Fair. I am very careful about using medicines on anyone, and use, only if necessary for the well being of the animal. I breed the goats and the babies are born in late Jan-March. They are so cute, like poodles. I love people coming to see my farm as long as they have called. Kids are more then welcome, and encouraged. As of the summer of 2011 we have moved from Texas to Iowa I have pasture raised chicken eggs. Yarn is also available. Shearing, fiber processing, and spinning lessons available

Listing last updated on Nov 3, 2012

Eggs- brown, white and blue/green from free chickens, they roam wherever they want, as intended, taste the difference. $3 a dz The goats and the llama, provide raw fiber, cloud roving, yarn, finished goods, both woven and crocheted. No dyes needed, all natural colors except where cotton/linen is added. Angora goats are available for sale . Babies born in Jan-March Farm tours available Spinning, shearing, and fiber processing lessons available, please contact me NEW Mohair rope now available.

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This is a great place!She has great eggs and willing to help on pick-up times. very very kind to my children running around.

Mary is very accomodating and very friendly. The eggs are wonderful too!

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