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Watermelon Seeds-Crimson Sweet, Virg. Select
($2.50 )

Selected for large, early melons with good flavor and healthy foliage. Limit 2 packets.

Winter Squash Seeds - Sweet Meat Squash
($2.25 )

Heirloom. This excellent 12-15 lb. squash has a slate green skin and orange flesh. Excellent keeper.

Winter Squash Seeds - Table Queen Bush (Acorn) - Organic
($2.50 )

Space-saving version of Table Queen. Dark-green rind, fine textured, golden-yellow flesh. 5 fruits per plant.

Winter Squash Seeds-Green-Striped Cushaw-Org.
($2.95 )

This bulb-shaped squash is a reliable producer and the most popular of its class. Fruits average l0-12 lbs, 10" x 18".

Winter Squash Seeds-North GA Candy Roaster-OG
($3.25 )

Heirloom. Banana-shaped fruits are up to 18" long and 6" wide, pink with blue tips. Smooth, delicious orange flesh.

Winter Squash Seeds-Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato - Organic
($2.50 )

Heirloom. Acorn-type squash up to 6" long. Thick, golden yellow flesh has fine texture and superb flavor. Sweetens in storage.

Bush Bean Seeds - Maxibel - Organic
(From: $2.50 )

One of the best gourmet French "haricot vert" beans. Sturdy bush plants produce abundant yields of dark green, pencil thin, flavo

Dent Corn Seeds - Jellicorse Twin
(From: $2.75 )

Tennessee variety, very similar to Neal's Paymaster but with a white cob. Extremely heat tolerant, set seed even during 107°F.

Dent Corn Seeds - Leaming (Leaming's Yellow)
(From: $2.75 )

8-1/2-10" ears with deep yellow kernels, 14-22 rows/ear, red cobs. 7-8' stalks. Widely adapted, though not recommended for Deep South.

Dry Bulb Onion Seeds - New York Early-Organic
($3.50 )

A dependable and productive open-pollinated version of Early Yellow Globe. The 2-1/2-3 in. bulbs are good for early fresh market.

Flour Corn Seeds - Painted Mountain - Organic
(From: $3.75 )

Widely adapted, this amazingly super hardy corn is early maturing with great cold soil tolerance. 6-8" ears, 1-2 ears per stalk.

Flower Seeds - French Hollyhock Zebrina - Org.
($2.50 )

Heirloom. Blooms the first year, unlike other hollyhocks! Short, bush plants, just 36 in. with bright lavender flowers.

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange is a worker-owned cooperative that specializes in heirloom and open-pollinated seeds. Our mission is to ensure that people retain control of the food supply, that genetic resources are conserved, and that gardeners have the option of saving their own seeds. We are committed to genetic preservation. All of our seeds are either certified organic or produced ecologically by small growers who have opted to forgo the costly certification process. We encourage seed saving, and offer supplies and information to seed savers. We grow at least 40% of our own seed. This is one of the highest percentages in the mail order seed trade. We emphasize quality customer service and guarantee 100% satisfaction. We hope our seeds bring abundance to your gardens!

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