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Tomato Seeds - Wins All
($2.50 )

Heirloom. A flavorful old variety bearing large, pink, slightly flattened fruits of 1 lb or more with few seeds.

Tomato Seeds - Yellow Bell - Organic
(From: $2.75 )

Heirloom, Great yellow sauce tomato for salads or for making tomato paste, juice, preserves, and yellow catsup! Outstanding flavor

Tomato Seeds - Zarnitsa - Organic
($2.75 )

Heirloom. An early bearing, productive, red fruited variety with fruit averaging 2" x 2-1/2". Resists cracking.

Tomato Seeds-Amy's Sugar Gem-Organic
($2.75 )

A "two-bite" cherry tomato, 1-1/2 x 1-3/4 in. Tall, vigorous, and productive vines. Excellent in salads, sandwiches, and sauces.

Tomato Seeds-Aunt Lou's Underground Railroad
($2.50 )

Heirloom. Dark pink, 4-12 oz fruits are tangy and juicy. Sparse foliage.

Tomato Seeds-Hungarian Italian Paste - Org.
(From: $2.75 )

Highly productive pear-shaped paste tomato with good disease resistance and good holding quality. 3-4 oz. fruits.

Tomato Seeds-Peron (Peron Sprayless)-Organic
(From: $2.75 )

Produces a high percentage of uniform, defect-free, 3-4 in. fruits. Flavor is sweet with some intricacy.

Turnip Seeds - Scarlet Ohno Revival - Organic
($2.50 )

Lovely scarlet-skinned turnips, some round, some flattened. Shiny, hairless strap-leaf greens with pink and scarlet stems.

Watermelon Seeds - Ali Baba - Organic
($2.95 )

Heirloom. Light green, oblong melons, 15-25 lbs, vigorous vines. Great texture, outstanding flavor. 2 packet limit.

Watermelon Seeds - Amish Moon And Stars - Org
($2.75 )

Heirloom. 15-25 lb oblong fruits have large yellow moons and small stars on a dark green rind. 2 packet limit.

Watermelon Seeds - Crimson Sweet - Organic
($2.35 )

Great-tasting melons weigh 23-27 lbs. This is the variety many melon lovers come back to. Limit 2 packets.

Watermelon Seeds - Golden Midget - Organic
($2.35 )

Early, small 3-lb. melons with salmon-red flesh. The rind turns yellow when the melons are ready for harvest. Limit 2 packets.

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange is a worker-owned cooperative that specializes in heirloom and open-pollinated seeds. Our mission is to ensure that people retain control of the food supply, that genetic resources are conserved, and that gardeners have the option of saving their own seeds. We are committed to genetic preservation. All of our seeds are either certified organic or produced ecologically by small growers who have opted to forgo the costly certification process. We encourage seed saving, and offer supplies and information to seed savers. We grow at least 40% of our own seed. This is one of the highest percentages in the mail order seed trade. We emphasize quality customer service and guarantee 100% satisfaction. We hope our seeds bring abundance to your gardens!

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