Molokai Meli

(Kaunakakai, Hawaii)
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Organic Comb Kiawe Honey from Hawaii
($24.99 )

Truly an old-fashioned favorite for honey-lovers! We are pleased to bring you a good sized chunk of our prized kiawe comb honey.

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Gourmet Organic Hawaii Kiawe Honey
($29.99 )

This honey has a light sweet flavor with a tropical flair. It is golden in color and packaged in an adorable bee jar.

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Organic Raw Gourmet Kiawe Honey from Hawaii
($19.99 )

Hawaiian Gourmet Kiawe Honey has a light sweet flavor with a tropical flair. It is a much-sought-after variety of honey.

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Premium Silky Organic Hawaii Kiawe Honey
($26.99 )

This white honey has been labeled "The best honey in the world" by honey connoisseurs. We think you'll be delighted as well!

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Gift Bag Organic Gourmet Kiawe Hawaiian Honey
($42.95 )

A Real Sweet Gift: Gourmet Organic Kiawe Honey from Hawaii is now available in an attractive woven "bee" gift bag.

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Gift Bundle of 10 Kiawe Meli Stix
($10.99 )

Bundle of 10 Meli Stix (honey sticks) attractively labeled & tied with rafia. Hawaii honey from the blossom of the rare Kiawe tree.

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Hawaii Kiawe Honey Sticks in Bee Gift Bag
($54.95 )

Great idea for the honey lover! This cute woven gift bag is covered with little honey bees and a window to see the honey sticks.

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Molokai Meli is a small family owned and operated apiary on the remote Hawaiian island of Molokai. Here in Hawaii we use the word "Meli" to refer to that sweet liquid gold produced from our friendly honey bees (honey). Our bees have been captured by hand from the wild and moved to our bee yards in Kiawe forests around our island which allows us to offer gourmet honey from the rare Kiawe tree blossom. All of our honey is produced using strict organic practices.

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