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Milk Flow Stop Tea
($5.00 )

Used to stop the flow of lactation when you are ready to, not to be used if your body has already begun to decrease natural milk flow.

Mint Lovers Herbal Tea
($5.00 )

A variety of mints blended to make the perfect "mint lovers" tea.

Morning Sickness Tea
($6.51 )

A delightful blend to help curtail morning sickness, it will help settle the stomach, refresh and revive you for the day.

Peaceful Child Tea
(From: $5.00 )

A sweet and pleasant blend to help comfort and quiet an upset, hyperactive or stressed child. Good for adults too!

Pet Diabetic Tonic
(From: $17.50 )

Herbal Pet Remedy. An Aloe Vera based tonic specially formulated for pets with all forms of Diabetes Mellitus.

Pet Kennel Cough Tincture
(From: $17.50 )

Herbal Pet Remedy. A glycerin based herbal tincture specially formulated to alleviate kennel cough. Can be given to dogs of all ages.

Poopy Stop! Tea
($5.00 )

This tea helps relieve diarrhea and helps to restore essential vitamins and supplements to the body lost in defecation.

Pop Me! Tea
($6.00 )

A wheat-like tasting tea to help relieve gas pains in the abdominal area from either eating or digestion concerns, may cause flatulence.

Postpartum Tea
($6.00 )

A safe blend of herbs, full of vitamins and minerals, to take after the birth of your little one. For daily or long term use.

Pregnancy Support Tea
(From: $6.50 )

A flavorful tea that will help tone and strengthen the uterus in preparation for pregnancy.

Prostate Pain Tea
($7.51 )

A specially formulated blend to help relieve pain cause by inflamed Prostate gland or strain to groin area.

Respiratory Infection Tea
(From: $8.25 )

A strong blend to help heal irritated lungs from a deep respiratory infection.

Specially formulated herbal remedies for a variety of ailments for human and animal concerns. Remedies can be made for special instances, please contact for more details. All teas are made to order as are most tinctures. You will not find my products in any store, these are all original remedies.

I am sorry but due to the postage increase and website changes, I have to raise my shipping rates. I do not believe in high shipping costs so shipping prices are as close to accurate as possible. Please remember these are real herbs and not powders so they are heavier to ship. Sorry again!

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