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(Keyport, New Jersey)
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Ringworm Away Topical
($15.00 )

Tea Tree Oil based topical will rid the body of a variety of ringworm. Also good for athlete's foot, mild jock itch, nail fungus and skin conditions.

RoseHip Syrup
($15.00 )

My Grandmother's special remedy for teething infants that has helped for many years.

Sinusitis Blend Herbal Tea
(From: $7.50 )

A bitter blend of herbs to help relieve chronic sinusitis symptoms. Ephedra Free!

Slim Trim Diet Aid Tea
(From: $5.50 )

A blend of herbs rich in vitamins and minerals to aid the body while dieting and working out (exercising).

Sneezes & Wheezes Tea
($5.00 )

A semi-potent tasting tea that is guaranteed to halt your cold. Made of bitter herbs, Ephedra Free!

Snuggle Up Tea
(From: $5.00 )

A delicious sweet tea, its great for snuggling up on the couch with a good book and blanket.

Tension Tamer Tonic
(From: $12.50 )

An apple cider vinegar based tonic to be taken three times per day for chronic nervous tension and heavy stress.

Testicle Bath Tea
($5.00 )

A gentle tea bath to soak the testes if they are inflamed or swollen.

Tummy Tea
($5.00 )

A fresh minty tea to relieve an upset stomach. Good for aching stomach cramps, 24hr. viruses, or basic tummy complaints. For children and adult use.

Winters Chill Herbal Tea
(From: $5.00 )

A warm blend of herbs and spices to help warm you up after a long day in the winter air.

Yucky Cut
($15.00 )

A gentle herbal wash prepared in a Tea Tree Oil carrier base to be applied to a wound primarily if infection is present. For human and animal use.

Just Stevia
(From: $2.50 )

All natural sweetener - this is the real herb, chopped and sifted. Not a powder and not bleached !

Specially formulated herbal remedies for a variety of ailments for human and animal concerns. Remedies can be made for special instances, please contact for more details. All teas are made to order as are most tinctures. You will not find my products in any store, these are all original remedies.

I am sorry but due to the postage increase and website changes, I have to raise my shipping rates. I do not believe in high shipping costs so shipping prices are as close to accurate as possible. Please remember these are real herbs and not powders so they are heavier to ship. Sorry again!

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