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Pet Upper Respiratory Infection Tonic
( From: $16.00 )

A tonic especially for pets suffering from an URI. This will expel mucous and will help balance immune system.

Gout Bout Tea
( From: $6.50 )

A special blend of herbs which help to prevent kidney stones and ease gout by detoxing the system.

Just Horsetail Tea
( From: $3.50 )

Horsetail helps to rejuvenate the hair, nails and skin, increasing calcium absorption and helping to rebuild connective tissue.

Peaceful Pet
( $12.00 )

Herbal Pet Remedy. A glycerin based tincture to calm and comfort those pets who may suffer from acute anxiety disorders.

Pet Tummy Tonic
( From: $15.00 )

Herbal Pet Remedy. This tonic is formulated for inflammatory bowel disease and other gastrointestinal problems.

Brain Tonic Herbal Tea
( $5.00 )

Helps restore memory function and will help with general brain function.

Bronchitis Relief Tea
( From: $5.00 )

Tea assists with the relief of bronchial irritation, coughing and pain from the acute bronchitis, for those who need more then an expectorant.

Immune System Detox Tea
( $7.50 )

A hearty blend of herbs to detox the immune system and strengthen internal defense systems.

Kitty Tinkle
( $16.50 )

Herbal Pet Remedy. A glycerin based formula to aid cats by disinfecting, soothing and protecting the urinary tract without damaging the kidneys.

Migraine Relief Tea
( From: $5.00 )

A stronger herbal designed to relieve the affects of a migraine headache.

Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey Tonic
( From: $5.50 )

Just the right amount of pure organic apple cider vinegar and honey used to heal sore throats. Can also be taken as a daily supplement.

Male Fertility Formula
( From: $15.50 )

This formula has been known to increase potency and vitality in men. A great tonic for men with low sperm count.

Specially formulated herbal remedies for a variety of ailments for human and animal concerns. Remedies can be made for special instances, please contact for more details. All teas are made to order as are most tinctures. You will not find my products in any store, these are all original remedies.

I am sorry but due to the postage increase, I have to raise my shipping rates. I do not believe in high shipping costs so shipping prices are as close to accurate as possible. Please remember these are real herbs and not powders so they are heavier to ship. Sorry again!

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