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Pet Immune Support Tincture
(From: $15.00 )

Herbal formula to help support and boost pet's immune system and immune response to illness. Great for strays, rescues or new pet.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea
(From: $5.00 )

Pure Raspberry Leaf to aid in strengthening and toning uterine lining in preparation for pregnancy.

Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey Tonic
(From: $5.50 )

Just the right amount of pure organic apple cider vinegar and honey used to heal sore throats. Can also be taken as a daily supplement.

Detox Bath
(From: $5.50 )

Energizing and cleansing blend of herbs to add to your bath to aid the body is deeper detoxification.

Finum Tea Filters - Seal Yourself Tea Bags
(From: $0.07 )

Self sealable tea bags used when purchasing teas in bulk, simply iron shut or use a food saver to seal closed, can also be stapled shut or folded.

Happy Heart Formula
($25.00 )

Blend of herbs to help lower blood pressure naturally as well as increase muscular ability of the heart.

Immune System Detox Tea
($7.50 )

A hearty blend of herbs to detox the immune system and strengthen internal defense systems.

Pet Hot Spot Stop
(From: $12.00 )

An Aloe Vera based tincture to be applied to Hot Spots, will help clear it up fast and will help rid of bacteria on contact. Also good for yeast irritations.

Circulation Aid Herbal Tonic
(From: $15.00 )

An apple cider vinegar base composed of rubefacient and stimulant herbs to promote blood flow to a specific area of the body.

Headache Relief Tea
($5.00 )

A mellow minty flavor tea with a touch of bitters to relieve a stress/sinus headache.

Heal Fast
(From: $15.00 )

Healing herbs in an Aloe Vera Gel carrier base to help heal wounds fast. Can be used over stitches or healing wound.

Herbal Blood Nourisher Tea
(From: $7.50 )

Amazing herbs to nourish, strengthen and tone your blood. They are like a multi-vitamin for your circulatory system!

Specially formulated herbal remedies for a variety of ailments for human and animal concerns. Remedies can be made for special instances, please contact for more details. All teas are made to order as are most tinctures. You will not find my products in any store, these are all original remedies.

I am sorry but due to the postage increase and website changes, I have to raise my shipping rates. I do not believe in high shipping costs so shipping prices are as close to accurate as possible. Please remember these are real herbs and not powders so they are heavier to ship. Sorry again!

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