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Honey Sticks - Honey Straws
(From: $2.50 )

Honey Stix are 100% natural Grade A honey packed in straws. To read more about honey straws please scroll to bottom of page.

Buckwheat Honey
(From: $9.60 )

Buckwheat Honey produced in Ohio and PA - this honey has a strong, bold and poignant taste.

(From: $15.50 )

Beeswax direct from an Ohio beekeeper. You can buy smaller quantities or in bulk quantities. Our beeswax is yellow and is 100% beeswax.

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Raw Buckwheat Honey
(From: $16.75 )

Raw Buckwheat Honey produced in Ohio. Raw Honey contains bits of propolis, pollen, and beeswax!

Wild Flower Honey
(From: $9.30 )

Wild Flower Honey from Ohio. Wildflower honey containers all the nectar sources from the Summer - thus it's called wildflower.

Raw Wildflower Honey
(From: $14.25 )

Raw Honey produced in Ohio. Raw Honey contains bits of propolis, pollen, and beeswax!

Beeswax Candle - Hummingbird Design
($20.75 )

Beeswax Candle, Hummingbird - measures 4" tall by 4" wide. No added scents, 100% yellow beeswax straight from the hive. Very heavy - 1.75 pounds of beeswax.

Candle Wicking Sqaure Braid
(From: $8.00 )

Wicking that is ideal for beeswax candles. We carry two different sizes - #2/0 and #5/0.

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Clover Honey
(From: $9.30 )

Clover Honey produced in Ohio - clover honey is your typical all around grear tasting honey.

Goldenrod Honey
(From: $9.30 )

Goldenrod Honey from Ohio - Folks buy this honey for their allergies & mead making - has a bite to it. Just an outstanding taste!

Raw Clover Honey
(From: $27.90 )

Raw Clover Honey produced in Ohio Raw honey contains bits of propolis, pollen, and beeswax!

Beeswax Lip Balm
(From: $2.50 )

Beeswax Lip Balm .15 oz. Tube - we offer beeswax lip balms in 35 flavors including unscented. See ingredients below.

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Honey and honey products produced by an Ohio Beekeeper. Buy your honey, raw honey, comb honey, honeycomb, chunk honey, beeswax, propolis, beeswax candles, beeswax lip balm, wooden honey dippers and honey products direct from a beekeeper.We take pride in the honey and products we produce. If you enjoy honey there\\\'s nothing better than honey purchased direct from the hive! We do not chemically treat our hives with antibiotics or chemicals.

We offer both raw honey that has not been heated and honey that has been heated. Honey that states \"raw\" in the description has not been heated.

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