White Dove Passion Fruit Farm

(Santa Paula, California)
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White Dove Fredricks Passion Fruit
(From: $49.00 )

White Dove Farm offers the finest and largest fruit. It sends the top ten percent of its crop to LH customers.

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Bacon Avocados
($104.00 )

These smooth skinned avocados are New York's favorites. Late Season Bacons have a creamy bacon taste with a nut-like afterflavor.

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Apple Cactus, Koubo
(From: $75.00 )

Another great and undiscovered fruit from the beloved cactus - crisp and juicy. New in the USA.

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Lamb Hass Avocados
($95.00 )

A very new Hass most avocado aficionados need to have in their recipe basket. All the flavor of Hass and more.

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Lilikoi Passion Fruit Syrup
(From: $12.00 )

Each bottle has the flavor of 10-11 large to extra large passion fruit and packs an almighty punch that will wow up your day.

Pineapple Guava, Feijoa, Guavasteen, Ben-dov
(From: $55.00 )

The best flavored of the feijoa / Guavas and rarely found except at Farmer's Markets.

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Australian Finger Limes (New, Delicacy)
($10.50 )

A small lime from the outbacks of Australia often used in top chef cooking and beverage concoting.

White Dove Farm provides Passion fruit, Cherimoya, exotic lemons and other rare fruits to professional chefs nationwide.

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