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Pepper seed (sweet) Jimmy Nardello's Italian
($3.05 )

An heirloom sweet pepper that produces abundant early yields. Has a slightly spicy and smoky quality. Unique flavor.

Pepper seed (sweet) - Yellow Belle
($3.05 )

An early and reliable pepper for northern and middle latitudes. Attractive fruits ripen from green to yellow to red.

Red Shiso (Red Perilla)
($3.45 )

Use fresh in salads, soups, and as a garnish for fish. Used especially in oriental cuisine.

Siberian Motherwort Seed
($2.95 )

A species of motherwort from China and Siberia, used medicinally. Tall spires of flowers within 3 months. (Leonurus sibericus)

Summer Savory Seed
($2.95 )

Summer savory helps blend and draw together diverse herbs used for seasoning.

Tomato seed - Arkansas Traveler
($3.15 )

An old southern favorite, this heirloom is tolerant of drought, heat, and disease. Excellent flavor. Pink-red fruits.

Tomato seed - Belij Naliv
($3.15 )

An early-season, heirloom tomato from Russia. This ethnic variety comes from a region 37 miles south of Moscow.

Tomato seed - Brandeva
($3.15 )

Developed from a cross of two heirloom tomatoes, OTV Brandywine and Eva Purple Ball. Productive and disease tolerant.

Tomato seed - Brandywine OTV
($3.35 )

The best strain of Brandywine, set apart from the others by its smooth, creamy, almost buttery texture, and harmonious sweet flavor.

Tomato seed - D Jena Lee's Golden Girl
($3.15 )

Family heirloom tomato from the Lee family, that won first prize at the Chicago Fair, ten years in a row!

Tomato seed - Dr. Carolyn
($3.15 )

This is the most flavorful yellow tomato that we have grown. It has an excellent balance of sweetness, tartness, and depth.

Tomato seed - Eva Purple Ball
($3.15 )

A wonderful all-purpose tomato with excellent flavor and disease resistance. Heirloom from the Black Forest region of Germany.

Garden Medicinals and Culinaries offers seeds and dormant rootstock of medicinal and culinary herbs, heirloom and ethnic vegetable and flower seed, and publications for producing organic vegetable seed.

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