Garden Medicinals and Culinaries

(Louisa, Virginia)
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American Pennyroyal Seed
($3.00 )

A small ornamental herbs with a compact growth form. Strongly aromatic leaves, and a natural insect repellent.

Kale Seed - Vates
($3.15 )

This is one of the best varieties for the Mid-Atlantic area. Winters over well and is one of the most dependable kale varieties.

East Indian Lemon Grass Seed
($3.15 )

Native to southern India. The delicate oils of lemongrass are used for flavoring and perfume. Used also for tea and seasoning.

Milk Thistle Seed
($3.05 )

Use in salads or as a vegetable. Regenerates liver cells.

Spilanthes Seed
($3.05 )

This little-known plant deserves a much wider recognition as an ornamental and medicinal herb. (Spilanthes acmella)

Tobacco seed - Sacred Ceremonial
($3.15 )

A type of wild tobacco used ceremonially by various Native American tribes. (Nicotiana rustica)

Cucumber seed - 'Marketmore 80'
($3.35 )

Earliest cucumber of the Marketmore series. Open-pollinated, multiple disease resistance, bitter-free, dependable, and flavorful.

Horehound Seed
($2.95 )

An old-fashioned herb that is used to help break up bronchial congestion.

Lavender 'Munstead' Seed
($3.75 )

Known for its sweet and delicate fragrance, 'Munstead' lavender is a choice variety.

Valerian Seed 'Anthos'
($3.05 )

An improved strain of valerian selected for higher root yield, more uniform growth habit, and high essential oil content.

Borage Seed
($2.95 )

An attractive culinary and medicinal herb with bright blue flowers. Use leaves in salads and cold drinks.

Marshmallow Seed
($3.15 )

Long a favored medicinal herbs for soothing the respiratory tract and skin. Makes a nice ornamental too.

Garden Medicinals and Culinaries offers seeds and dormant rootstock of medicinal and culinary herbs, heirloom and ethnic vegetable and flower seed, and publications for producing organic vegetable seed.

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