Garden Medicinals and Culinaries

(Louisa, Virginia)
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Tina James' Evening Primrose Seed
($3.45 )

Flowers open at dusk within 1 to 2 minutes like time-lapse photography. Large fragrant blooms. (Oenothera glazioviana)

Valerian Seed 'Anthos'
($3.05 )

An improved strain of valerian selected for higher root yield, more uniform growth habit, and high essential oil content.

Borage Seed
($2.95 )

An attractive culinary and medicinal herb with bright blue flowers. Use leaves in salads and cold drinks.

Calendula Seed
($2.95 )

Edible flower also used as a food color, natural dye, and substitute for saffron.

Marshmallow Seed
($3.15 )

Long a favored medicinal herbs for soothing the respiratory tract and skin. Makes a nice ornamental too.

Spilanthes Seed
($3.05 )

This little-known plant deserves a much wider recognition as an ornamental and medicinal herb. (Spilanthes acmella)

Dandelion Seed
($2.95 )

This cultivar of dandelion is not only a valuable medicinal herb, but has many culinary uses as well.

Wild Yam Seeds
($3.75 )

Twining vine with attractive foliage. Used medicinally. Once established, the vines are very hardy.

Sweet Annie (Sweet Wormwood) Seed
($2.95 )

Sweet Annie is know for its sweet fragrance, and is a favorite herb used in wreath making.

Calendula 'Erfurter Orangefarbigen' Seed
($3.05 )

A German variety of calendula bred for medicinal use. Has a higher concentration of resins and carotenoids.

Creeping Thyme Seed
($2.95 )

A low-growing herb suited for rock gardens and raised herb beds. Culinary and ornamental.

Cotton Seed - 'Erlene's Green' (heirloom)
($8.50 )

Rare, naturally colored heirloom cotton from Texas with pastel green fibers. Cannot ship to CA and GA.

Garden Medicinals and Culinaries offers seeds and dormant rootstock of medicinal and culinary herbs, heirloom and ethnic vegetable and flower seed, and publications for producing organic vegetable seed.

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