Garden Medicinals and Culinaries

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Cotton Seed - 'Erlene's Green' (heirloom)
($8.50 )

Rare, naturally colored heirloom cotton from Texas with pastel green fibers. Cannot ship to CA and GA.

German Chamomile Seed
($2.95 )

The sweetly scented flowers of chamomile add an apple-like flavor to tea. A calming herb used to aid sleep. Anti-microbial.

Greek Oregano seed
($2.95 )

This is the flavorful Greek Oregano, not the flavorless oregano (Oreganum vulgare) commonly available.

Lemon Balm Seed
($2.95 )

Frargrant and refreshing herb used in salads and in teas as a lemon substitute. (Melissa officinalis)

Wild Yam Seeds
($3.75 )

Twining vine with attractive foliage. Used medicinally. Once established, the vines are very hardy.

Green Shiso Seed (Green Perilla)
($3.75 )

Use in oriental cuisine for sushi and salads, and as a substitute for cumin.

Black Hollyhock Seed
($3.35 )

An old-fashioned (pre-1830) hollyhock with satiny, blue-black flowers. (Althaea rosea nigra)

Hyssop Seed
($2.95 )

Hyssop is an ornamental shrubby herb with medicinal uses. Used also to season poultry.

Lovage Seed
($3.25 )

Used like celery, but richer with hints of fennel and curry.

Pepper seed (spice) - Hungarian Paprika
($3.05 )

An ethnic pepper from Hungary where paprika peppers have been selected for their finest quaility.

Basil 'Lettuce-Leaf' Seed
($2.95 )

A favorite variety for pesto, this large-leaf basil holds well under hot growing conditions.

Cotton Seed - 'Nankeen' (heirloom brown)
($8.75 )

Rare, naturally colored heirloom cotton with copper-brown fibers. History included with packet. Cannot ship to CA or GA.

Garden Medicinals and Culinaries offers seeds and dormant rootstock of medicinal and culinary herbs, heirloom and ethnic vegetable and flower seed, and publications for producing organic vegetable seed.

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