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Blood Oranges
($29.95 )

The blood orange means just that; can be deep red flesh interior sweet yet tart.

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Minneola Tangelo
(From: $24.95 )

Minneola tangelo. A grapefruit-tangerine cross, sweet and juicy.

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Scented Geranium Plant Set
($36.38 )

At herbfresh we practice natural grown standards to produce organic herbs and scented geraniums

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Box of Navel Oranges
($32.95 )

Navel oranges, sweet and juicy. Natural grown here at herbfresh.com

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Meyer Lemons
(From: $27.50 )

A sweet juicy thin skinned lemon, tangy with a hint of tangerine.

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Collection of 5 Herbs
($34.83 )

Herb sets of 5 culinary plants naturally grown herbs from herbfresh.com.

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Mint culinary Set
($29.95 )

At herbfresh we practice natural growing standards to produce organic herbs ready for transplanting.

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Passion Fruit
(From: $27.50 )

Passiflora edulis; a sweet/tart fruit great for the blender or baking in cookies and cakes or just eat from the rind.

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Fuyu Persimmon
(From: $31.95 )

Sweet bright orange fruit with thin skin, can be eaten fresh like an apple or used for baking.

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(From: $28.95 )

The red juicy fruit with delectable sweet seeds with the best flavor when the fruit is about to crack.

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Haas Avocados
($28.95 )

Haas avocados in season January to March. The best tasting avo with buttery texture.

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Bearss Lime
($21.95 )

Sweet and juicy Bearss lime from sunny California; naturally grown.

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The herbfresh nursery is located in Southern California where organic herbs, scented geraniums and seasonal produce are grown for online sales.

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