Valley View Ranch - Healing Land

(Durand, Wisconsin)
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Stinging Nettle Tea
(From: $8.99 )

Several studies have shown that stinging nettles can keep your testosterone circulating freely ; keep you feeling sexually vital.

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Sweet Cluster - Tomatoes seeds
(From: $1.25 )

An indeterminate variety that produces very good yields in clusters of 6 to 8 fruit.

Wild Lettuce - Medicinal herb seeds
(From: $1.79 )

Wild Lettuce Leaf is a good source of Vitamin A, fiber, and...

Garden Huckleberry Seeds
($1.85 )

The flavor of the berries is improved by allowing them to remain on the plant until after the first frost.

Passion Flower (Passiflora) Tea / Herb
(From: $1.20 )

Passiflora may aid the transition into a restful sleep without any 'narcotic' hangover.

Tumbling Tom -Yellow and Red Tomatoes seeds
(From: $1.55 )

The branches continue to produce fruit throughout the summer.

Yellow Dock - Organic seeds
(From: $1.99 )

Normally, yellow dock is blended with other cleansing herbs like burdock and dandelion.

Blue Vervain Tea
($8.99 )

Other Names: American blue vervain, Blue Vervain, Herb of Grace, Herbe Sacree, Herba veneris, Simpler's Joy, Swamp Verbena...

General Lee Cucumber Seeds - popular slicer
(From: $1.45 )

General Lee has the ability to handle stress well and has resistance to powdery mildew.

Bee Balm Leaf and Flowers - Wild Bergamot
(From: $1.99 )

Externally, it is a medicinal application for skin eruptions and infections.

Chickweed seeds / Medicinal herb
(From: $1.99 )

Herb used externally and internally for wounds, itches, metabolism, arthritis and more.

Frosted Explosion / Panicum elegans
(From: $2.55 )

Ideal for beds and borders, patio pots and containers. Suitable for dried flowers.

Valley View Ranch is located in the beautiful Chippewa river valley of western Wisconsin about 60 miles east of Minneapolis/St.Paul.

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