Valley View Ranch - Healing Land

(Durand, Wisconsin)
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Frosted Explosion / Panicum elegans
(From: $2.55 )

Ideal for beds and borders, patio pots and containers. Suitable for dried flowers.

General Lee Cucumber Seeds - popular slicer
(From: $1.45 )

General Lee has the ability to handle stress well and has resistance to powdery mildew.

Holy Basil Seeds-purple-leaved
(From: $1.65 )

There are two main morphotypes cultivated in India: green-leaved (Sri or Lakshmi tulsi) and purple-leaved (Krishna tulsi).

Motherwort Seeds
(From: $1.55 )

Organically grown - Motherwort is an herb most beneficial to women's health. It can help relieve pain during childbirth and...

Romaine Lettuce / Green Towers - organic seeds
(From: $1.99 )

74 days. One of the finest Romaine for home garden production. Dark green plants.

Bee Balm Leaf and Flowers - Wild Bergamot
(From: $1.99 )

Externally, it is a medicinal application for skin eruptions and infections.

Borage Seeds - Organically Grown herb
(From: $2.05 )

Borage Leaf is used to balance adrenal and other glandular functioning. Supports cardiovascular system.

Goldenrod tea
(From: $3.25 )

Effectively treats kidney and bladder stones, urinary tract infections, rheumatism, gout, diabetes and respiratory conditions.

Green and Red Shiso (Perilla frutescens) seed
(From: $1.85 )

Perilla is a genus of annual herb that is a member of the mint family.

Horsetail Tea - Medicinal herb
(From: $2.85 )

Horsetail is also known as Bottle-brush, Horse Willow, Paddock-pipes, Pewterwort, Scouring Rush, Shave Grass and Toad pipe.

Pepper Mini Belle Mix Seeds
($1.99 )

Dwarf-sized bell peppers that will decorate your garden in chromatic array...

Spotted Bee Balm - Wildflower seeds
(From: $1.75 )

Originating from the southern and Eastern US, this unusual monarda can grow to 4 feet tall with inch long yellow blooms...

Valley View Ranch is located in the beautiful Chippewa river valley of western Wisconsin about 60 miles east of Minneapolis/St.Paul.

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