Lavender Hills of Kentucky, LLC

(Brooksville, Kentucky)
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Body Wrap
($25.00 )

Hot or cold this body wrap will soothe your aches and pains while releasing the wonderful aroma of lavender.

Dried Lavender Bundles
(From: $9.00 )

Beautiful dried lavender bundles hand picked in Kentucky.

Dryer Sachets
($7.00 )

Dryer sachets release a fresh-from-the-field scent of lavender into your clothes and linens.

Lavender Carpet Freshener
($5.00 )

Sprinkle this freshener on your carpets, under your furniture cushions, and in your pet bed for an overall fresh-smelling home!

Lavender Wand
($15.00 )

Our lavender wands are made when the lavender is fresh. All the sweet buds are woven inside ribbon for an everlasting keepsake.

Dream Pillow
($7.50 )

Help yourself fall asleep faster and enter into the deep restorative sleep for a better morning.

Lavender by the Yard - Sachet
($20.00 )

A full yard of lavender! Hang the entire thing in your closet, or cut them apart for separate drawer sachets.

Lavender-placket-filled pillows
($35.00 )

Pillows with meaningful quotes for various occasions have a front placket filled with fragrant lavender buds.

Mini Sachet
($2.00 )

The mini sachet is so convenient to tuck in anywhere for a fresh lavender scent!

Recipe Cards
(From: $1.00 )

Lavender adds a unique taste to dishes ranging from beverages to desserts! Our "tried and true" recipes include the lavender!

Out of
Goat's Milk Handmade Soap
($5.00 )

Simple handmade recipe blends goat's milk into a wonderful, smooth soap.

Lavender Hills of Kentucky is a family owned and operated lavender farm specializing in hand-made products utlizing our very own lavender!

Lavender is very versatile and may be used for aromatherapy, culinary delights, and home decor.

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