Prairie Pride Farm of Minnesota

(Mankato, Minnesota)
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Clover Pastured- Free Ranged -Chicken
(From: $10.50 )

High in Omega 3 -(145mg) Raised naturally on our clover pasture for 8 weeks. Whole or cut up, pieces and flash frozen.

Berkshire Heritage Hickory Smoked Ham
(From: $31.75 )

Hickory Smoked BERKSHIRE Ham, FULLY COOKED. Low sodium 2% cure. contains brown sugar and maple syrup. Award Winning Quality!

Heritage Pork Belly
(From: $13.79 )

No sugar or any additives, make your own bacon or use for your favorite recipe. Photo is of our own heritage pork belly.

The Best Bacon EVER!! Berkshire Bacon
(From: $21.55 )

UNCURED Hickory Smoked BERKSHIRE bacon. Natural cure (no nitrates or nitrites) Reg -Pepper or Apple-Cinnamon. NO liquid smoke.

Berkshire Heritage Pork Chops
(From: $28.95 )

Customers continue to tell me these are the most flavorful chops they have eaten. Juicy and tender!! 2 chops per package.

Grilling Sausage Bundle (no MSG, no nitrates)
($51.95 )

4 Andoulli, 8 Wieners, 4 Wild Rice Sausages, 4 pepperjack brats, 4 Fully cooked Brats. NO MSG, nitrates & nitrite & Gluten free

Pork Cheek Meat Medallions
($13.95 )

Cheek of the BERKSHIRE PIG, this sweet meat is very tender and flavorful. Bread or braise. Sold by the pound. 3-5 cheeks per LB

BERKSHIRE Pork Tenderloin
($58.95 )

The most tender of all the pork cuts. Berkshire pork at its best! Tenderloin grills, pan fried or bakes in just 20 minutes

The Best of Prairie Pride Bundle: NO MSG
($253.00 )

Best of Prairie Pride Meats all in one trial size bundle. Individually packaged for smaller families. approx. 35 pounds

Berkshire Ribs
(From: $42.70 )

Meaty, tender, and flavorful ribs. Perfect for grilling or smoking. Trimmed and ready to use.

BERKSHIRE Pork Loin Roast
(From: $23.00 )

Berkshire heritage pork loin has rich deep flavor. Juicy and tender, darker color, and great fat cap that is Beautiful!

Berkshire Pork Rib Crown Roast
(From: $29.95 )

Berkshire Pork Crown Roast and MN Grown Wild Rice, 2 inch long frenched tips. The King of Pork roasts!

Prairie Pride Farm of MN is a 6th generation small private farm where we raise a heritage pork and clover pastured, grass based chickens. We grow our crops using sustainably farming methods. They eat only natural feed, no chemicals or synthetic addatitives. We raise our own NON GMO corn, grind our own feed which is made up if corn, vitiams and minerals. NO GMO products are used in the animal feed. All Natural Feed is used.

We raise our own Berkshire/Duroc Heritage Pork and Clover Pastured Chicken on the Minneosta Prairie located in the southcentral part of the state. Little House on the Prairie, stories by Laura Ingles Wilder, are based on this area of Minnesota. Rolling pasture lands and wide open fields of grains.

Our pigs are raised in small groups on our family farm. This insures a healthy, consistant product year round. Happy healthy flavorful pork is what we are all about.

Our meat chickens are raised in the summer months only, in small groups, on our clover pasture. Lots of sunshine and fresh air! 145 mg of Omega-3 is achieved from the clover diet, not from flax or artificial feeding practices. Happy Healthy Chickens!

All of our animals are raised naturally, free of antibiotics, growth promotants or animal bi-products. No GMO products used in the feeding of our animals.

We package our meats in over 100 different cuts, to fit todays smaller families. This way you can purchase just the cuts you want.

We then flash freeze and vacuum seal to lock in freshness at its peak. A work of art, labor of Love!

We ship on Mondays and Tuesdays. The shipping costs reflect the price of the insulated recyclable box and UPS 3 day or ground shipping.

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