Sister Sage Herbs

(Vashon, Washington )
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Monthly Delivery of Herbal Remedies
( $275.00 )

Basically, you get to fill your home remedies medicine cabinet straight from the farm! Enjoy in health!

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Weekend Warrior Arnica Salve
( From: $10.00 )

Weekend Warrior muscle relief balm with Arnica relieves sore muscles and quickly dissapates bruising.

Zzz's Please Chamomile Tincture
( From: $15.00 )

Use this gentle acting chamomile tincture for occasional sleeplessness and upset stomach. Made with glycerin (low alcohol formula)

Holy Mama Anxiety & Stress formula
( From: $15.00 )

This tincture is a amazing at helping new moms adjust to their new life. Since we all need to adapt, it's not just for moms!

(Cough It Up!) Expectorant Tincture
( From: $15.00 )

For getting that phlegm out during a chest cold. This formula employs Hyssop, Thyme and Self Heal- all sustainably grown.

Aunt Flo's Cramp Formula
( $15.00 )

Don't cramp a girl's style! This relaxing tincture will help with all kinds of muscle spasms, especially menstrual pain.

Aunt Flo's Monthly Tonic
( $15.00 )

Let it all Flow out....This is a typical "spring Tonic" that may provide extra nutrition & minerals into your diet.*

Busted Knuckle Hand Balm
( From: $10.00 )

Use this healing herbal salve for all irritated skin conditions. Great for gardeners' hands as well as baby bottoms!

She's Runnin Hot! AKA Fever Buster Tincture
( $15.00 )

Sweat it out! Builds blood chi* Description: Brings a fever up and out of the body by sweating until the fever is gone (1-3 days)

Thank You for supporting local, sustainable agriculture! These remedies are made from plants I have grown using organic practices, and harvested, and prepared, in small batches by hand.

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