Lake Meadow Naturals, LLC

(Ocoee, Florida)
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Fresh Duck Eggs
(From: $27.00 )

Fresh Duck Eggs from Free Range grass fed in Central Florida

Goose Eggs Fresh
(From: $70.00 )

Fresh Goose eggs packed 2 from heritage free range geese

Hatching Duck Eggs 18 count
(From: $59.00 )

Fertile Hatching Duck Eggs from Free Range ducks on Lake Meadow

Free Shipping

Hatching Chicken Eggs
($29.00 )

Hatching Eggs Araucauna's, green egg layers and Rhode Island Reds

Fresh Heritage Turkey Eggs 4
(From: $24.00 )

Fresh Turkey eggs laid by heritage turkeys free range on Lake Meadows

Partridge Eggs 60 count
($29.00 )

Chuckar Partridge eggs seasonal eggs produced seasonally from about January through April, depending on the year.

Quail Eggs
(From: $19.95 )

Fresh Quail Eggs hand packed in 15-pack cartons for safe shipping

Fresh Free Range Chicken and Duck eggs from heritage Chicken and Ducks.

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