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(Pikeville, North Carolina)
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Chaste Berries (Medicinal) - Dried
(From: $2.99 )

Naturally grown in North Carolina. Used for women's health issues.

Basil, Fresh-Dried & Naturally Grown
($1.99 )

Our flavorful, tender Sweet Genovese Basil is naturally grown without chemicals.

Fennel Seed or Leaf Seasoning, Fresh-Dried
(From: $1.59 )

Hand picked and air dried Fennel Seed or Fennel Leaf for seasoning and tea.

Rosemary, Fresh-Dried
($1.99 )

Naturally grown, hand harvested and fresh dried herbs - it just doesn't get any better than this! 1/2 oz pkg

Tarragon, Fresh-dried & Naturally Grown
($1.99 )

Medicinal, culinary seasoning and herbal tea. Fresh-Dried & 100% Naturally Grown. 1/4 oz pkg dried herb.

Apple Mint, Fresh-Dried & Naturally Grown
($2.99 )

For the best Herbal Tea, try our 100% naturally grown Apple Mint! 1/4 oz pkg dried herb - EXTREMELY FRAGRANT!

Bee Balm, Fresh-Dried & Naturally Grown
($3.99 )

Dried Leaves with Flowers for Tea, Seasoning & Medicinal uses

Garlic Chives, Fresh-dried & Naturally Grown
($3.99 )

Mild onion-garlic like flavor. Use in recipes calling for chives. 1/4 oz. pkg chopped dried herb.

Lemon Balm - Melissa - Fresh-dried Herb
($3.99 )

Melissa officinalis, medicinal, culinary and aromatic. For Herbal Teas, Fish & Lamb seasoning, use on Veggies and in Vinegars.

Mountain Mint, Fresh Dried & Naturally Grown
($2.99 )

Aromatic, medicinal herb. Natural insect repellant. Strewing, Potpourri, Soothing Bath.

Oregano, Fresh-Dried
($3.99 )

Try our naturally grown, freshly picked and air dried herbs and you will NEVER go back to store-bought! 1/4 oz pkg

Pennyroyal, Fresh-dried & Naturally Grown
($4.99 )

Medicinal, insect repellant, strewing herb, aromatherapy, potpourri. Use under supervision of your herbalist or naturopath. 1/4oz

We grow medicinal plants & culinary herbs for teas & seasoning naturally, without chemicals for our family and for yours.

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