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All Natural Herbal Smoking Blend
(From: $4.95 )

All Natural Herbal Tobacco Blend. Great alternative to toxic cigarettes! Also helps for those of you who are trying to quit!

Headache and Migraine Relief Tea
(From: $2.50 )

Headaches and migraines can debilitate your daily life. This tea is an all natural, non-narcotic, non-addicitive alternative.

Eczema & Psorasis Salve - Great for Kids!
(From: $4.95 )

Fight stubborn eczema conditions with this all natural alternative.

Herbal Sleep Tea - Natural Sleep Aid
(From: $2.50 )

Lack of sleep is an epidemic in the US today. Our busy families and lives don't leave much time for sleep.

Just Good Weeds Tea for Daily Health
(From: $2.50 )

Some of the worst lawn and garden weeds are the best for you! You'll enjoy this pure and simple tea because it's just good weeds.

Goldenseal Myrrh Salve - For Difficult Rashes
(From: $4.95 )

Goldenseal Root Powder is combined with Myrrh Gum Powder for a super skin healing salve.

Candida & Yeast Cleanse Tea
(From: $2.50 )

Candida can cause havoc in the intestines and cause a host of issues to the digestive tract, skin, fatigue, and weight gain.

Arnica Salve & Arnica Warm Salves for Pain
(From: $4.95 )

Arnica is a proven pain reducer and works great for arthritis, joint, and muscle pain. Now with Capsicum for that 'warm' feeling.

Arthritis & Joint Pain Tea
(From: $2.50 )

There are many forms of painful arthritis and this tea is another weapon to add to your arsenal for pain relief.

Blood Pressure Control Tea
(From: $2.50 )

Complimentary blend to help cleanse liver, system, and circulation, helping lower blood pressure.

Midnight Dreary Licorice Tea - Warming
(From: $2.50 )

Sweet and soothing licorice tea. Makes a nice after dinner tea! (Formerly Afaka tea)

St. John's Wort Salve - Nerve Pain
(From: $4.95 )

St. John's Wort is a mighty healer with anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.

COLD and FLU season are here! Stock up on caffeine and sugar free healing herbal teas and salves!

Owens Acres - Lavender, Herbs, and Tea is an organic and sustainable micro farm. Laura Owens is a Certified Master Herbalist.

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