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Rosacea Relief Salve
(From: $4.95 )

Healing hand made salve to help reduce redness and inflammation from Rosacea

Appetite Suppress Tea - Helps Curb Appetite
(From: $2.50 )

Help curb your appetite with our natural appetite supress tea. Now with Gymnema to help curb sugar cravings.

Happy Face Salve - For Mature Skin Issues
(From: $4.95 )

Happy Face Salve helps repair skin from over exposure to the sun, age spots, and seasonal dryness.

Olive Leaf Citrus Tea - Antioxidant
(From: $2.50 )

Mild, Medicinal, and delightful! Slight citrus taste makes it great hot or iced!

Turmeric Healing Salve
(From: $4.95 )

Turmeric for hemorrhoids, inflammation, acne, fungal infections. Relieves skin issues.

Boil & Staph Salve for Tough Issues
(From: $4.95 )

Helps draw and reduce boils, minor staph infections, and promotes healing.

All Natural - Nursing/Breastfeeding Salve
(From: $4.95 )

Safe and natural for mom and baby! Great salve for nursing moms. Helps with dry, sore nipples from breastfeeding.

Fibromyalgia Relief Tea
(From: $2.50 )

Fibromyalgia is complex. It's difficult to alleviate all symptoms as they vary from person to person. Our tea may help some.

Big Mama Belly Balm - Stretch Mark Free Belly
(From: $4.95 )

Nourishing natural oils in a salve form to help expecting mothers to prevent stretch marks.

Comfrey Aloe Salve-Soothing Skin/Rash Healer
(From: $4.95 )

Skin healing and cooling salve of Comfrey and Aloe for minor rashes that are red and warm.

Flower Garden Tisane - Calming/Soothing
(From: $2.50 )

A lovely tea for you or to share with special friends. Calming, centering, and soothing.

Four Thieves Natural Germ Killing Herbs
(From: $6.95 )

Traditional recipe to make antibacterial and antifungal cleaning spray from common herbs.

COLD and FLU season are here! Stock up on caffeine and sugar free healing herbal teas and salves!

Owens Acres - Lavender, Herbs, and Tea is an organic and sustainable micro farm. Laura Owens is a Certified Master Herbalist.

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