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All Natural - Nursing/Breastfeeding Salve
(From: $3.95 )

Safe and natural for mom and baby! Great salve for nursing moms. Helps with dry, sore nipples from breastfeeding.

Blood Tonic Tea - Cleanse & Detox
(From: $2.50 )

Great tonic to help build up the blood. Perfect for new mom's, after an illness or surgery, or weakened immune systems.

Constipation & Detox Tea
(From: $2.50 )

Too many processed foods and stress can cause minor constipation issues, this tea can help.

Derma - Clear Skin Herbal Tea
(From: $2.50 )

Skin eruptions and problems can come from stress, hormones, foods, or other conditions. This tea works from the inside out.

Elderberry Sage Mindful Tea
(From: $2.50 )

The perfect ying and yang of desert sage and mountain elderberry. Satisfying and full of antioxidants!

Full Moon Solid Perfume
($8.95 )

Warm and alluring blend of sandalwood, vanilla, jasmine, and rose in a natural olive base.

Goddess of India Solid Natural Perfume
($8.95 )

Intoxicating blend of Sandalwood, Rose, Clove, and Tulsi in a solid natural perfume.

Natural Headache Balm
(From: $3.95 )

Relieve headaches naturally anywhere with our new Headache Balm.

Organic Mate Verbena Tea
(From: $2.50 )

Better than green tea, safer than coffee! Mate Verbena is a natural mood lifter!

Tension & Stress Relief Tea
(From: $2.50 )

Naturally sweet and soothes nerves and tension. Great way to wind down a busy day.

Vanilla Sandalwood Natural Solid Perfume
($8.95 )

Simple and natural perfume of olive oil, beeswax, and pure essential oils.

Cough Suppress Tea
(From: $2.50 )

Soothing herbal tea to tame a nagging cough. Great for children!

Owens Acres - Lavender, Herbs, and Tea is an organic and sustainable micro farm. Laura Owens is a Certified Master Herbalist.

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