Fiber Fling

(Fredericktown, Missouri)
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Process Your Own Wool DVD
($26.45 )

Sort, wash, dry, pick, and card your own sheep's wool or some you received from a friend.

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($29.95 )

Learn how to weave on a strutco 4 harness loom, a 4 inch weavette and learn the different parts of a loom.

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We make instructional films to promote our love of animals, and to insure that the heritage of ancient information is never lost to mankind.

Personal instruction is always available to anyone who is interested for a nominal fee. These instructions include, learning to:

Spin yarns on a foot powered spinning wheel or an electric one,

making sheep coats to keep sheep fiber clean,

Sewing on a walking foot sewing machine, This machine will sew 1/4 inch of canvas or leather

Hand knitting and Crocheting with needles or hook

Flatbed machine knitting (we have 5 flat bed machines available),

Circular sock machines knitting 2 available

Weaving, ( we have not done weaving for many years, but have a 24 inch Strutco available for use).

We also have upon occasion some stunning Halfmoon Betta Fish for sale.

Saturday late morning get to-gethers 3rd weekend of the month for fun and comradary. Bring your things come and play, we have great coffee and tea.

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