Tranquil Morning Farm

(Columbia, Connecticut)
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Angora Fiber
($5.00 )

Hand Plucked Natural Colored and Dyed Angora Rabbit Fiber.

Alpaca Fiber Batts
($6.00 )

Natural and dyed Alpaca Fiber Batts perfect for handspinning.

Felted Wool Earrings
($10.00 )

100% wool, needle felted beads, combined with glass and/or stone beads to create a unique jewelry item.

Adult Mohair
($6.00 )

2 oz bag of adult mohair, natural colors and dyed, washed and carded.

Cotswold Wool Spinning Batts
($7.50 )

3 ounces of cotswold wool dyed in a variety of colors.

Kid and Yearling Mohair
(From: $3.00 )

hand dyed and natural colored yearling mohair locks or ready to spin roving.

Needle Felting Starter Kit
($10.00 )

This kit contains two different felting needles, foam, and fiber samples as well as basic felting instructions.

Shetland Wool
(From: $7.00 )

3 oz Shetland wool batts of both naturally colored and dyed wool

Welcome to Tranquil Morning Farm's Store. We sell beautiful fibers ready to spin or felt. Our fibers come from our own animals and include wool, mohair, llama and angora. We also sell goats milk products and homegrown jams as well as fresh eggs.

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