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Garlic - Spanish Roja
(From: $8.00 )

Popular gourmet hardneck variety that is easy to peel and has excellent flavor.

Garlic - Purple Glazer
(From: $8.50 )

Subspecies Orphioscorodon, Type Glazed Purple Stripe. The flavor is earthy and warm.

Garlic - Siberian
(From: $8.50 )

Marbled, Purple Stripe garlic. Large bulbs, 5-7 fat, cloves. Like Red Toch in flavor, not over-powering, with a pleasant linger.

Garlic - Chinese Pink
(From: $8.50 )

A very early garlic with a mellow flavor. This variety is of the turban subtype.

Garlic - Italian Heirloom
(From: $8.00 )

Gourmet hardneck variety that is easy to peel, seed saved since the 1940's. Pungent flavor.

Garlic - Sicilian Artichoke
(From: $8.00 )

Softneck, artichoke variety gourmet garlic. Mild to moderate flavor.

Garlic - Asian Tempest
(From: $8.50 )

Asian Tempest is an early long storing garlic strain of the Asiatic sub-variety. The flavor is sweet when baked.

Garlic - Chesnok Red
(From: $8.00 )

Chesnok Red is a full flavored gourmet garlic of the purple stripe subtype. It has a creamy texture when baked.

Garlic - Idaho Silver
(From: $7.00 )

Softneck variety that is mild, sweet and long storing.

Garlic - Inchelium Red
(From: $8.00 )

Softneck, artichoke variety gourmet garlic. Purplish color in bulb wrapper. Mild flavor. Stores for 6-9 months.

Garlic - Korean Mountain
(From: $8.50 )

Full flavor, hot burst. Good sized, purplish heads, relatively large cloves. Sativum, Asiatic type. Develops early.

Garlic - Nootka Rose
(From: $8.00 )

Heirloom Silverskin from San Juan Islands, Washington Coast. Great braider. White outer bulb. Bold taste.

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