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Kefir cheese
($28.00 )

Our cheese is the first and only probiotic, raw milk Kefir cheese handcrafted with living kefir grains. Enjoy!!

Kefir Cheese!! We handcraft an authentic, artisanal, farmstead, probiotic, raw milk kefir cheese cultured with living kefir grains! A super healthy and delicious food!! Our cheese is the only raw milk kefir cheese sold in the US. And the only kefir product on the market made with living kefir grains. Kefir grains are a matrix of organisms that live together symbiotically, thrive in lactose, and culture the milk. They have been passed down for generations among peoples known for longevity and good health. They are rich with the friendly bacteria that we need to populate our digestive system to maintain excellent health. Our cheese has been tested for probiotics and we have documented that it retains these probiotic organisms long after aging. We also use a very special milk for our cheese! Our Kefir cheese is made with the luscious, thick and creamy milk from our own Irish Dexter house cows! These are naturally small cows that once wandered the mountainous terrain of western Ireland. They are an intelligent, friendly and inquisitive little heritage breed of cattle. Our cheese is a tangy, rich flavored, washed rind cheese, aged for 60 days or more. We sometimes have a Kefir blue version too. Please ask for availability. We also sell a grated Kefir cheese. Wonderful for sprinkling on any dish. Our cheese goes well with fruit, nuts, in salads, or any way you can imagin! You can melt it, put it in your lunch box (it will be warmed up by the time you want to eat it), or take it with you on a hike to enhance your journey! The story goes that Gengis Khan could conquer the world because he never had to get off his horse, and the reason he never had to get off his horse is because he had a pouch of kefir and mares milk brewing on his saddle! A mighty food indeed!! We are certified Animal Welfare Approved! Our cows are our friends! We honor them for the milk treasure they bring us. We do not take the calves away from their mothers until they are 6 months old. We share the milk with the calves. They take one side, and we take the other! Cows should mother, that is their big desire in life. Calves should suckle and receive love and attention from their mothers, that is what makes them grow best! Our cows are pastured and never confined. We love to share our dairy concepts, and hope that one day there will be small neighborhood dairies and farms again to bring fresh milk and produce to every home. Please take a look at our website for more information about our cheese and our cows! Thank you for visiting our store!

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