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Silver White garlic bulbs (softneck)
(From: $7.50 )

A silverskin garlic that is great for braiding! This one won't disappoint!

Elephant Garlic Bulbs
(From: $9.99 )

Deliciously mild Elephant Garlic bulbs. I had a bumper crop this year, so there are many small and large bulbs available.

Xian Garlic Bulbs
(From: $3.99 )

Softneck that's attractively striped. Early maturer.

Silver Rose garlic bulbs (soft neck)
($14.00 )

A mild silverskin variety -- great for braiding! Proven producer.

Inchelium Garlic Bulbs (soft neck)
(From: $4.50 )

Tasty and hardy garlic bulbs that set many cloves. Artichoke variety with multi-layers of abundant, white cloves.

Kettle River Giant Garlic Bulbs
($12.50 )

KETTLE RIVER GIANT medium sized garlic bulbs grown Certified Naturally Grown.

Elephant Garlic Corms 100 ct.
($10.99 )

Elephant Garlic Corms are their "seeds". Each corm will produce a round of garlic. Replanted, that round will make a whole bulb

Heirloom Cherokee Garlic bulbs (hardneck)
(From: $4.95 )

Tasty and hardy heirloom garlic bulbs that top set bulbils for propagation. Easy to grow. A delight to eat.

Jerusalem Artichokes (Sunchokes)
(From: $7.00 )

Freshly dug Jerusalem Artichoke tubers, also known as Sun Chokes. Certified Naturally Grown. Shipped to you direct from my garden.

Metechi garlic bulbs (hardneck)
($8.95 )

Bulbs have few cloves, but they are FAT! Long storing variety.

Red Janice garlic bulbs (hardneck)
($8.75 )

Beautiful striped hard neck garlic with dark red or purple stripes.

Red Toch garlic bulbs (softneck)
($7.99 )

Delightful garlic with not too much heat when eaten raw.

Naturally Grown fruits, vegetables, heirloom Garlic, Jerusalem Artichokes, and seeds. ALL Certified Naturally Grown.

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