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PADRON PEPPERS - Pimientos de Padron
(From: $5.00 )

Padron, the Spanish Roulette pepper, 1 in 5 can be HOT is a popular finger food in Spain! Packets: 25 / 50 / 100 Seeds Available

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Anamu Seed /Guinea Hen Weed /Chasser Vermine
($7.50 )

Medicinal Herb Seed 2014 Yield from organically grown plants, 35+ Seed Packet QUANTITIES LIMITED, Shipping included in price.

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Heirloom Scotch Bonnet Orange Pepper Seeds
($5.00 )

Great tasting pepper, hot pungent and citrusy. 100 Seed per packet Ships FREE

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Swiss Chard Barese Seed Organic
($4.00 )

Summer Special 2 oz $4.00 organically grown, excellent for micro-greens, salads and micro mixes. 2 oz (4000 +/- seeds)

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Lettuce Seed Organic Baby Green Gourmet Mix
($10.00 )

Organic Gourmet Mix: Arugala, Green n Red Oakleaf, Green n Red Romaine, Lolla Rossa, Buttercrunch, Bibb lettuces 1/2 oz Ships FREE

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Jamaican Red Squash Pepper Capsicum chinense
($3.00 )

Jamaican Red Squash Pepper 2.5 to 3.5 inch HOT Pepper Capsicum chinense Special 50 Seed Packet $3 Ships FREE

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Basil Sweet Genovese Seed
($5.50 )

Quarter Ounce, 7 Grams of Genovese Basil NON GMO grown without chemicals or pesticides

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Heirloom Angel Wing Begonia Pink n Cream
($10.90 )

Hardy Heirloom with Large Angel Wing Leaves 6 to 12 inch, Delicate Pink n Cream Flowers, 4 inch cane rhizome makes 2 to 3 plants

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Aji Dulce Pepper Seed Venezuelan Heirloom
($7.50 )

"Sweet Habanero" Seeds,looks 'n smells like a Habanero without the fiery heat! QUANTITIES LIMITED, Shipping included in price.

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Anamu, Guinea Hen Weed, Live Plants
($25.90 )

Anamu Bare Root Seedlings (Box of 2 seedlings) FREE shipping via USPS Priority Mail LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE

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Anamu / Guinea Hen Weed / Chasser Vermine
(From: $18.90 )

8 ounces of Fresh Cut Anamu Leaf Dried, a Medicinal Tropical Herb noted for its healing and cancer fighting properties

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Kalanchoe daigremontiana, Mother of Thousands
($11.00 )

4 Fresh Leaf (1 leaf will produce 3 - 10 plants) used in traditional medicine in Latin America, Asia and Africa

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The Sweet Habanero is a small family based farm located in South Florida growing organically without chemicals or pesticides. In season, we offer heirloom peppers, Venezuelan Aji Dulce, Habanero and Padron peppers, hard to find specialty & medicinal herbs, plants and seed. We grow and/or harvest all products sold.

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