McFadden Ranch

(Lakeside, California)
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Prospector Persimmon Jam
(From: $3.50 )

Traditional fall and holiday flavor. If you like persimmons, why not add this to your fall breakfast menu?

Southwest Scorpion Salsa
(From: $4.00 )

An extreme super hot salsa made with a blend of our Trinidad and Morouga Scorpion chili peppers.

Anna Apple Chutney
(From: $3.50 )

Inspired by the native flavors of the U.S. and British Virgin Islands, this flavorful condiment will spice up meats & curries.

Heritage Jalapeno Jelly
(From: $3.50 )

This multi-pepper jelly is full flavored with a Southwest fire thanks to the jalapenos.

Ponderosa Pomegranate Jelly
(From: $3.50 )

This labor intensive fruit is squeezed and then strained to bring forth a rich, red, exotic jelly that can easily be used in place of cranberry jelly or sauce.

Ramona Rosemary Lemon Jelly
(From: $3.50 )

The citrusy addition of lemon to this mix gives our own Ramona Rosemary a unique California blend.

Western Boysenberry Jam
(From: $3.50 )

Lush boysenberries succulently processed into a jarred delicacy.

Anna Apple Pie Jam
(From: $3.50 )

We located an old southern recipe that adds molasses and spices to our apple jam, turning it into a delicacy that tastes like pie.

Little Ardyne Orange Ginger Jam
(From: $3.50 )

We combine the Valencia oranges of California with rough grated ginger to make a flavorful jam.

Rancho Guava Jam
(From: $3.50 )

This delightful organic jam is made from fresh picked guavas grown on our east facing hillside.

Indian Corn Wreath
($125.00 )

Indian Corn Wreath, our version of the medicine wheel.

McFadden Ranch - "taste our heritage"

At McFadden Ranch, we endeavor to bring a glimpse of our frontier heritage to your home through the use of traditional family recipes and crafts. For five generations we have lived off the land and made products from what we grow. Our goal is to educate others about land stewardship, foster a hunger about California frontier history, and cultivate an appreciation for American Indian culture.

To support our endeavors, we make our award-winning homemade products with the best organic ingredients grown on our cottage ranch in San Diego County, California. We've spent years developing our hobby and now, for the first time, we will be offering the organic products to you, our new found neighbors and friends.

We hope you have the opportunity to enjoy a taste of our history in your life today.

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