Rancho Shiraz Organic Farm

(Bonsall, California)
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Extra Juicy Organic Limes
(From: $19.99 )

Extra juicy organic limes, straight from our family's small organic farm to your doorstep

Pure Organic Rose Hydrosol
(From: $12.99 )

Rose water, also known as rose hydroosol, is the pure distillate of rose petals and is phenomenal for skin care and aromatherapy.

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Organic Meyer Lemons
($24.99 )

Juicy Organic Meyer Lemons, with a slight sweet flavor

Pastured Heritage Turkeys
(From: $65.00 )

Pastured Heritage Turkeys, Grown on pasture, 100% organic, fed non GMO, soy free grain

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Certified Organic (By CCOF) since 2000, Rancho Shiraz Organic Farm is a family owned and operated 20 acre farm nestled in the serene rolling hills of north San Diego County. We grow a diverse range of crops, from tasty fruits to flowers and herbs, in mutually beneficial companion plantings. We have a strong respect for Nature, and preserve native plants and wildlife corridors on our farm.

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