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(Salem, Missouri)
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Pine Nuts - Nevada Pinon with Two Free Pine Cones
($19.95 )

Fresh From the Forest, 100% wild harvested, pinon pine nuts from Nevada. Also known as Jumbo Pinon Pine Nuts, 100% raw goodness.

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Pinon Pine Nuts - Nevada Jumbo Soft Shell
(From: $19.95 )

Shipping forest direct, Jumbo Nevada Soft Shell Pinon Pine Nuts,WILD HARVESTED - October 2014 .01 Shipping, all pine nut orders

Pinyon Pine Cone Essential Oil
(From: $4.95 )

Pinyon Pine Essential Oil - 100% Fresh Pine Cone Distillation

Bee Balm, Wild Bergamont, Monarda Fistulosa Essential Oil
(From: $4.50 )

2013 Harvest in of Monarda Fistulous Essential oil commonly called Bee Balm. 100% Flowers - no herb or leaves an American E.O.

Wild Plum Flower Hydrosol
(From: $9.95 )

Wild Plum Flower Essence - Hydrosol distilled from fresh plum blossoms on a local farmer's native plant farm. Distilled same day.

Bee Balm, Bergamot, Monarda Fistulosa Hydrosol
(From: $9.95 )

Monarda Fisulosa Hydrosol - 100% Flowers Bee Balm. Wild Harvested and Farm Produced

A Wild Crops Farm - Wild Crop Harvests from the Missouri Ozarks and sustainable wild harvested from small farms in our area. We strive to produce the best floral waters through our special distillation process. We do it right. All wild flowers are hand harvested at their peak. We also work in the Southwest on private and public lands harvesting pinon pine nuts then processing them on our farm for seasonings.

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