Pretty Pickle Company

(Salem, Oregon)
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Organic Meyer Lemon Pesto
(From: $10.00 )

Brined Organic Meyer Lemon rind pureed with pure olive oil.

Preserved Whole Organic Meyer Lemons
($18.00 )

Organic Meyer Lemons preserved whole in quart jars.

Pretty Pickle Company processes and sells pickled vegetables and preserved lemon products using old-fashioned recipes just like you would in your own kitchen. Fresh produce from local farms is hand packed in glass jars with vinegar, water, pickling salt and spices and processed in a hot water bath.

Organic Meyer lemons from Duda Farms are preserved whole and as a brined lemon pesto for meats as well as Middle Eastern and vegetarian dishes. Pretty Pickle Company is an FDA certified acidified food processor, owned and operated by the lady in the picture.

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