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Navels 'n Bells
(From: $32.99 )

FREE SHIPPING! Citra Navels and Sweet 'n Juicy Honeybells are our premium gift each year. Available January.

Free Shipping

Indian River Grapefruit
(From: $30.95 )

Ruby Red Grapefruit Sale! Free shipping for the Rest of the Season!

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Temple Oranges
(From: $24.99 )

(Feb-Mar) Temple Oranges are an heirloom variety known in it's heyday as "The King of Citrus".

Florida Honeybells
(From: $25.99 )

Honeybells! Yes, it's true! Juicy Indian River Honeybells from The Orange Shop! Available in January.

Temple Oranges and Ruby Red Grapefruit
(From: $29.99 )

Temple Oranges and Ruby Red Grapefruit are our most popular combination every spring.

Citra Navel Oranges
(From: $24.99 )

Citra Navel Oranges are the best-tasting, fragrant, and juicy Navels oranges available anywhere in the world.

Free Shipping

The Orange Shop Authentic Grove Baskets
(From: $37.99 )

The Orange Shop's Authentic Grove Basket full of an assortment of the finest Florida Citrus.

Citra Navels and Ruby Red Grapefruit
(From: $29.99 )

Citra Navels and Ruby Red Grapefruit -- the ultimate Florida Citrus Combo.

Free Shipping

Honeybells and Ruby Red Grapefruit
(From: $35.99 )

Honeybells and Ruby Red Grapefruit -- the most popular combination in January!

All Star Trio
(From: $44.99 )

(January) Honeybells, Citra Navels, and Ruby Red Grapefruit all in one gift!

Free Shipping

Citra Navel and Orlando Tangelo Combo
(From: $29.99 )

Citra Navel Oranges and Orlando Tangelos are the sweetest varieties during winter. Each box is packed with delicacies.

Free Shipping

Orlando Tangelos
(From: $24.99 )

Orlando Tangelos are first cousin to Honeybells, with a sweeter flavor. Rare variety, easy peelers, very delicious!

Free Shipping

The Orange Shop has been growing, packing and shipping Florida Citrus since 1936. Owned by third-generation growers Pete and Cindy Spyke, The Orange Shop is nationally recognized for environmental leadership, and exceptional quality fruit.

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