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Navels 'n Bells
(From: $32.99 )

FREE SHIPPING! Citra Navels and Sweet 'n Juicy Honeybells are our premium gift each year. Available January.

Free Shipping

Indian River Grapefruit
(From: $30.95 )

Ruby Red Grapefruit Sale! Free shipping for the Rest of the Season!

Free Shipping

Temple Oranges
(From: $24.99 )

(Feb-Mar) Temple Oranges are an heirloom variety known in it's heyday as "The King of Citrus".

Florida Honeybells
(From: $25.99 )

Honeybells! Yes, it's true! Juicy Indian River Honeybells from The Orange Shop! Available in January.

Temple Oranges and Ruby Red Grapefruit
(From: $29.99 )

Temple Oranges and Ruby Red Grapefruit are our most popular combination every spring.

The Orange Shop Authentic Grove Baskets
(From: $37.99 )

The Orange Shop's Authentic Grove Basket full of an assortment of the finest Florida Citrus.

Citra Navel Oranges
(From: $24.99 )

Citra Navel Oranges are the best-tasting, fragrant, and juicy Navels oranges available anywhere in the world.

Free Shipping

Citra Navels and Ruby Red Grapefruit
(From: $29.99 )

Citra Navels and Ruby Red Grapefruit -- the ultimate Florida Citrus Combo.

Free Shipping

Honeybells and Ruby Red Grapefruit
(From: $35.99 )

Honeybells and Ruby Red Grapefruit -- the most popular combination in January!

All Star Trio
(From: $44.99 )

(January) Honeybells, Citra Navels, and Ruby Red Grapefruit all in one gift!

Free Shipping

Citra Navel and Orlando Tangelo Combo
(From: $29.99 )

Citra Navel Oranges and Orlando Tangelos are the sweetest varieties during winter. Each box is packed with delicacies.

Free Shipping

Seville (Sour) Oranges
(From: $24.95 )

Seville, or "Sour", Oranges are prized by chefs for the zest and juice for marmalades, sauces, and other delicacies!

The Orange Shop has been growing, packing and shipping Florida Citrus since 1936. Owned by third-generation growers Pete and Cindy Spyke, The Orange Shop is nationally recognized for environmental leadership, and exceptional quality fruit.

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