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(Windsor, California)
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Raw Star Thistle Honey
(From: $4.00 )

The exceptional taste of our delicious star thistle honey is made possible by the nectar from the local star thistle bush.

Creamed Honey of the Month Membership
(From: $70.00 )

Are you or someone you know a honey connoisseur? Why not get a membership in our Creamed Honey of the Month Club.

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Creamed Spicy Cayenne Honey
($11.00 )

If you like HEAT than you will like the Creamed Spicy Cayenne Honey!

Honey of Month - Natural Nectar or Creamed
(From: $70.00 )

Are you or someone you know a honey connoisseur? Why not get a membership of Honey of the Month Club - Natural Nectar or Creamed

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Creamed Raspberry Honey
(From: $4.00 )

We get creamed honey by taking crystallized wildflower honey and whipping it then adding the natural flavor to it.

Raw Mesquite Honey
(From: $4.00 )

Mesquite is a tree that grows in the Southwest and produces a honey that taste like creme brulee.

Raw Tupelo Honey
($11.00 )

This gourmet honey will bring back memories of Valentines Day and those adorable sweetheart candies.

Raw Vetch Honey
(From: $4.00 )

For a weed the vetch is really quite lovely. Starting in March is starts to emerge out of the cold winter ground.

We at Bear Foot Honey Farm treasure our bees, their work ethic and the wonderful products they produce. Honey Bees are fundamental to our diverse environment as they pollinate our crops and flower gardens while keeping our ecosystem balanced.

As third generation beekeepers, we take great pride in our little girls (the honey bees). We show this love in the care we give the girls and they reciprocate by providing us some of the most uniquely exquisite pure, raw, gourmet honeys available. There is nothing nobler than to give back to these hard-working honey bees.

Not all the honeys are the same! Honey is a natural sugar alternative with no additives that is easy on the stomach, and has an INDEFINITE shelf life. We never know what we will get from year to year as weather plays a significant role in the honey harvests.

Our honey is harvested from our hives that have been purposefully placed in fields of blackberries, mint-thistle, clover, raspberry, or seasonal wildflowers, or groves of apples, or oranges, to name but a few.

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