Mockingbird Meadows Herbal Health Farm

(Marysville, Ohio)
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Sleep Balm
($22.00 )

Sleep Balm is the perfect soothing salve to help you gently drift into a peaceful sleep.

Clover Balm
($22.00 )

Our All Natural Clover Balm is formulated for those with SERIOUSLY dry skin, who may be suffering from eczema or psoriasis.

Heartful Honey Spread
($15.00 )

This luscious, ruby red spread is a blend of herbs and our raw honey for the heart, cholesterol and blood pressure!

($15.00 )

Our HoneyZZZ Honey Spread is blended with herbs and our raw honey. It's perfect for those who need some help getting to sleep!

($15.00 )

One of our most popular Honey Spreads- This Raw, Chemical Free Honey is blended with herbs that support a healthy immune system.

Allergency Honey Spread
($15.00 )

Allergency Honey Spread is supreme support for allergy sufferers, soothing both seasonal and situational allergies.

Coffee Infused Honey
($7.00 )

Our Coffee Infused Honey is full of the character of the bean, rather than a "roasted" flavor.

Congestion Tea
($12.00 )

Congestion Tea is formulated to relieve occasional chest or sinus congestion and to soothe coughing and sneezing.

Honey Boost
($15.00 )

Our honey spreads are made with our raw honey and a specially formulated blend of herbs. Honey Boost is a sweet shot of energy!

Men's Vitality Honey Spread
($15.00 )

Especially for men! This Honey Spread is a blend of herbs and our raw honey and is a delicious way to stay vital and healthy!

Universal Salve
($22.00 )

Our All Natural Universal Salve was formulated for any cut, bruise, bite or rash, both for you and your animals!

Women's Balancing Honey Spread
($15.00 )

Our Women's Balancing Honey Spread is a blend of herbs and our raw honey for daily hormonal balance and adrenal health support.

We are Ohio's Premier Herbal Health Farm! We produce our raw honey, herbs and herbal health products using biodynamic principles. Not only chemical free, we focus on the health of our land and bees. For more information, visit our website at or our blog at Thanks for visiting!

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