Mockingbird Meadows Herbal Health Farm

(Marysville, Ohio)
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Headache Tea
($12.00 )

Headache Tea is formulated to hel relieve the pain of an occasional headache.

High Vitamin Tea
($12.00 )

High Vitamin Tea is formulated to supply a vitamin and mineral supplement in delicious tea.

Hot Flash Tea
($12.00 )

Hot Flash Tea is formulated to give deep balance and relief for the symptoms of menopause.

Inflammabee Honey Spread
($15.00 )

Inflammabee Honey Spread is good for whatever occasional inflammation that ails 'ya!

Little Bee Calm Honey Spread
($15.00 )

Little Bee Calm Honey Spread is an easy way to help your children calm down and regain focus.

Nighty Night Tea
($12.00 )

Nighty Night Tea is formulated to support a relaxed nervous system for a good night of sleep.

Pregnancy Tea
($12.00 )

Pregnancy Tea is formulated to support a healthy, natural pregnancy.

Queazy Bee Honey Spread
($15.00 )

Queazy Bee Honey Spread is a sweet way to relieve occasional nausea and upset stomach.

Swallowed Emotions Tea
($12.00 )

Swallowed Emotions Tea is formulated for emotional stress and anxiety.

The Blues Honey Spread
($15.00 )

Honey Boost Honey Spread is a sweet lift when you have the blues and a tasty way to ease anxiety.

Toxin Clearing Tea
($12.00 )

Toxin Clearing Tea is formulated to provide the body with a gentle way to flush toxicity from the body.

Water Retention Tea
($12.00 )

Water Retention Tea is an herbal tea formulated to relieve occasional bloating and water retention.

We are Ohio's Premier Herbal Health Farm! We produce our raw honey, herbs and herbal health products using biodynamic principles. Not only chemical free, we focus on the health of our land and bees. For more information, visit our website at or our blog at Thanks for visiting!

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