Wayland Chilies

(Wayland, Massachusetts)
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Seeds: Hinkelhatz Pepper
($4.00 )

The Hinkelhatz Pepper has been grown by the Pennsylvania Dutch since the 1880. Used for pickling and making pepper vinegar.

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Seeds: Hot Portugal Pepper
($4.00 )

Hot Portugal Pepper is a medium hot chili that is a very heavy producer of 6" bright red elongated pods early in the season.

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Seeds: Hungarian Yellow Wax Pepper
($4.00 )

Hungarian Yellow Wax chili is a long banana wax type pod with medium heat. Culinary uses include Hungarian cuisine and pickling.

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Seeds: Jimmy Nardellos Sweet Pepper
($4.00 )

The Jimmy Nardello's pepper is a very prolific heirloom sweet chili. It's one of best frying pepper available. Disease resistant.

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Seeds: Orange Bell Pepper
($4.00 )

The Orange Bell is very productive sweet pepper. The delicious pods have thick flesh and 4" pod. Eat green or mature to orange.

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Seeds: Sadabahar Pepper
($4.00 )

Sadabahar originated in India. Pods grow in upright clusters of three turning from green to an orangish red. Extremely hot.

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Seeds: Santa Fe Grande Pepper
($4.00 )

Santa Fe Grande is a great choice for pickling and canning. It is also an excellent choice for use in salsa. Medium heat.

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Seeds: Yellow Bhut Jolokia Chili
($4.00 )

The Yellow Bhut Jolokia also know as Ghost Chili rates as the hottest chili on record. Seeds are ready for the 2014 season.

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Bhut Jolokia Infused Olive Oil
($12.00 )

I use Bhut Jolokia chili to infuse organic olive oil creating an amber oil with a toasted flavor and the heat of the Bhut Jolokia.

Bhut Jolokia or Ghost Chili Pods 2014 Season
($7.00 )

The Bhut Jolokia also know as Ghost Chili rates as the hottest chili on record. Although hot it has add a great flavor in salsa.

Chipotle Ancho Powder
(From: $4.97 )

I make chipotle ancho in small batched from ripe poblano slowly smoked and dried. I grind each order to preserve freshness.

Chipotle Morita
(From: $4.75 )

I make chipotles in small batches from ripe red jalapenos slowly smoked and dried.

Wayland Chilies is a small family run farm specializing in chilies. We sell the chilies fresh or dried. We make our own chipotles, chili powder, salsa and hot sauce. We also sell seeds for select chilies that we have grown in isolation to ensure the the purity of the chili strain.

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