Northwest Wild Foods

(Burlington, Washington)
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Raspberries - Fresh Frozen, Organic
(From: $69.99 )

Freshly Frozen Organic Raspberries grown in the Great Northwest.

Red Gooseberries - Frozen
($59.99 )

Our red gooseberries have outstanding flavors that balance themselves into a great tasting berry.

Strawberries - Fresh Frozen, Organic
(From: $69.99 )

Freshly Frozen Organic Strawberries handpicked in the Great Northwest.

White Mulberries - Dried, Organic
($29.99 )

Organic white mulberries dried to perfection without sugars or oils. RAW!

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Wild Alaskan Silver Salmon Fillets
(From: $89.99 )

2.5 to 3 lb Grade A Prime Wild Alaskan Silver Salmon Fillets. Ready for the BBQ.

Wild Blue Huckleberry Jam
(From: $10.95 )

Northwest Wild Blue Huckleberry Jam captures the full flavor and wild nature of the Northwest.

Wild Hoh River Red Huckleberry Collection
($32.95 )

Red Huckleberry lovers will enjoy this great collection of our finest jam, syrup and honey!

Wild Mountain Blackberries - Frozen
($69.99 )

Our tiny wild mountain blackberries possess a unique tartness and sweet flavor unsurpassed by any other.

Wild Mountain Blackberry Honey
(From: $8.95 )

Honeybees love producing this special wild honey and you'll love its unique character and fruity flavor.

Wild Mountain Blackberry Syrup
(From: $8.99 )

Are blackberry syrup is made with our wild berries and made in small batches.

Wild Mountain Blueberries
($69.99 )

Our Frozen Wild Mountain Blueberries are most often smaller in size and possess a unique tangy, mild yet tart taste and flavor.

Wild Mountain Blueberry Jam
(From: $10.95 )

These blueberries are smaller in size, richer in flavor and provide much greater health and nutritional benefits than their domestic countarparts.

Northwest Wild Foods. Enjoy the Wild & Natural Harvest of the Pacific Northwest!

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