Hillbilly Farms

(Fountain, Colorado )
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Salsa - Medium Mild
( From: $5.00 )

Mild to medium heat. Very flavorful when these fresh flavors are blended.

Sour Cherry Halves
( $5.00 )

Yellow Cherries halved to remove pits, preserved in syrup.

Spiced Cabbage
( $5.00 )

Same flavorings used as with purple cabbage, but we use white cabbage.Make us your Farm

Spicey Corn Relish
( $5.00 )

This is what you get when you add jalapeno pepper to an old style corn relish.

Sweet Pickle Relish
( $5.00 )

Spread it on anything or add it to a salad.Make us your Farm

Sweet Pickles Chips
( $5.00 )

Jim's favorite! A delicious addition to any dish or as a condiment.

Tomato Apple Chutney
( $5.00 )

This savory flavored chutney is perfect to cook with, use as a garnish, or serve as a sauce with your favorite meat.

( From: $60.00 )

Naturally Raised for availability in the Fall. 45 day lead time for Smoked Turkey.

Local Pickup Only

Watermelon Pickles
( $5.00 )

Made from the rind of watermelon with a cinnamon stick for that festive taste and aroma.

Make us your Farm.

Apricot Preserves
( $5.00 )

Cooked down with apricot pieces to get the sweetened fruit on each serving.Make us your Farm.

Brandied Apple Rings
( $9.00 )

Wonderful topping for any desert. Hot or Cold.Make us your Farm

Brandied Cherries
( $9.00 )

Brandied Cherries in heavy syrup. Great as a desert topping.

Make us your Farm

Wholesome goodness available from Hillbilly Farms.

Herbs, canned vegetables, pickles.

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