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(canaan, New York)
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Mullein Tincture
($10.00 )

This is a 1oz. tincture in dropper bottle of fresh Mullein leaf harvested from first-year Mullein in spring and/or fall.

Propolis Tincture
($11.00 )

This is treatment-free Propolis resin tinctured in undiluted organic grain alcohol.

Sage Tincture
($10.00 )

This is a 1oz. tincture of Garden Sage, Salvia officinalis, fresh flowering tops in grain alcohol.

Shepherd's Purse Tincture
($10.00 )

This is a 1 oz tincture of Shepherd's Purse (Capsella bursa-pastoris), fresh whole plant in flower, grain alcohol.

Trio of Elixirs
($28.00 )

Trio of Elixirs: 3 one-ounce fun herbal concoctions!

Medicinal Mushroom Blend
($11.00 )

The Mushroom Blend is a Reishi, Chaga and Turkey Tail 1:1:1 double extracted tincture.

Oatmeal Cookie Tonic
($10.00 )

Oatmeal Cookie Tonic is a sweet elixir which combines Milky Oats with an adaptogen for a tasty treat.

White Peony and Licorice Tincture
($10.00 )

This is a tincture /extract of the root of white peony and the root of licorice, 1 oz. size.

Solomon's Seal Tincture
($10.00 )

This is a herbal tincture of giant Solomon's Seal root - fresh Polygonatum biflorum, in organic grain alcohol. 1 oz.

Special Order Tincure - 1 or 2 oz
($100.00 )

This is where you click for a special order. (which also requires that you have inquired via e-mail as to availability).

Set of 3 Salves
($12.00 )

Three cute little salves, half ounce size. Try 3 different or all the same. Available made with a variety of plants, see list.

Herbal products to bring you wellness and joy.

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