Woodsview Alpaca Farm

(Versailles, Ohio)
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Alpaca Rovings
(From: $2.00 )

Alpaca Rovings in white, brown or brindle mix of white brown and black

Alpaca Fleece
($1.00 )

Alpaca blankets that have been sorted and ready to ship for hand crafters and artists.

Alpaca Woven Rug
(From: $22.00 )

Alpaca Natural Woven Rug. Hand-woven Alpaca wool rug is woven and washed for warm appearance and durability. Beautiful.

Bright Pink 75% Alpaca / 25% Merrino
($2.50 )

75% Alpaca and 25% Merrino Roving. Beautiful colors - rovings grown by the alpacas of Woodsview Alpaca Farm.

Mango Roving Alpaca/Merrino
($2.50 )

Mango Roving Alpaca/Merrino 75/25 blend - $2.50 per oz. Grown by the alpacas of Woodsview Alpaca Farm.

Violet Roving Alpaca/Bamboo
($2.50 )

Violet Roving Alpaca/Bamboo 90/10. Great for hand crafters, felting or spinning projects!

Alpaca Yarn - Brown & Beige Cabled 2 Ply Sport
($21.00 )

2-ply cabled brown & beige Alpaca yarn. 4oz skein / 300 yards. Alpaca Yarn Blend 90% Alpaca Blanket, with 10% Merino/Tussah.

Yarn Fingerling Black Alpaca 3Ply
($25.00 )

3 Ply Black Fingerling 100% Alpaca. 2400ypp, 3.8 oz per skein, 575 yards. Natural Black grown by Colleta and Annabell Spun.

Yarn White Alpaca Yarn 3 Ply
($22.00 )

3ply 100% White Alpaca Top New! 200 yards, approx. 5.6oz plus WhiteGrown at Worldview by Ranger and Plied at 84 Alpaca Fiber Mill. Made in USA

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