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(Homestead, Florida)
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Mamey Sapote
(From: $55.00 )

When the Mamey was first introduced from Cuba people use to actually beat each other up just to get this fruit in their hand.

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Dragon Fruit
(From: $49.00 )

This could very well be the Kiwi of the future. It is an incredible example of beauty and taste that will delight your senses.

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Pink Guava
(From: $55.00 )

You've had the white flesh, now its time to kick up a notch. The pink flesh is where its at if you like pink things - that is, I do.

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Fresh Hearts of Palm
($99.00 )

Once you have eaten Fresh Heart of Palm they will be no reason to going back to eating it out of a can or jarred. Fresh is best.

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Thai Guava
(From: $45.00 )

Tai White guavas are high in vitamin C and are quickly becoming known for there health benefits. Try some today!

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Fresh Mango
($49.00 )

Florida Mangoes are some of the worlds best tasting. They are so flavorful why shop anywhere else. Ready for shipping now!

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Possum Purple Passion Fruit
(From: $99.00 )

The fragrance of Cotton Candy with an Orange squeezed on top. This variety is the staple passion fruit grown in South Florida !!!!

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(From: $55.00 )

Truly a rare treasure in the tropical fruit world. Once only available in Asia are now grown on our Farm for you

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Golden Passion Fruit
(From: $89.00 )

The Golden Passion Fruit is a very rare fruit and does well in our subtropical climate. One try and you will be hooked!

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Guava Leaves
($25.00 )

Did you say its tea time? It must have been me. Why not get some fresh guava leaves and make yourself a an exhilarating tea?

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($59.00 )

The Florida Avocado is unlike any other. Loaded with flavor and value...their size make you want to say...holy guacomole!

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Sugar Apple
(From: $69.00 )

Just when you have tried all the tropical fruit I have to offer this one will take back and knock you off your chair. To die for!

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