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(Homestead, Florida)
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Star Apple
(From: $59.00 )

Star Apples are an item you want to put on your wish list. We just can't grow enough of them! How do you spell delicious?

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Thai Banana
(From: $45.00 )

This is not a Banana that you will find in any grocery store in the United States - as far as I know. I could be wrong - but in any case, we got em.

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Canistel Fruit
(From: $52.00 )

This fruit creates an ice cream to die for. The Canistel was recently featured on the front page of the Miami Herald as "Yummy Yummy" !

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Sweet White Starfruit
($45.00 )

Be the star at your next party. The sweetest carambola you will ever eat . Ready for the Barbque sliced thick!

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($49.00 )

Why not squeeze some fresh sugar cane and mix it with lime? People have been enjoying this treat for thousands of years...8-10 canes per 5 lbs.

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Bay Leaves
($6.50 )

I walk outside go to the tree pick the leaves and put them in a bag and ship them to you. Does not get better then that!

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Exotic Tropical Fruit of the Month Club
($599.00 )

I consider this a CSA because we are the only place besides Hawaii that these special fruits grow. We are as local as you can be.

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Golden Passion Fruit Seed
($4.99 )

Now available my famous Golden Passion fruit seed !

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June Plum
(From: $49.00 )

This is our Topical Plum tree. We don't grow your normal plum in this area - the climate will not allow us - so this is our version.

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($42.00 )

When I'm in Costa Rica there are three staple drinks they make from fresh fruits and this fruit is one of them. For a reason. Tasty

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($59.00 )

This tropical treat will not only keep you alive if you're stranded on an island - it will also save you money on cocktail glasses.

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($99.00 )

If you like candy this is the fruit for you! I describe this fruit as the nirvana of tropical fruit!

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Exotic Tropical fruit of the month club

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