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Thai Banana
(From: $45.00 )

This is not a Banana that you will find in any grocery store in the United States - as far as I know. I could be wrong - but in any case, we got em.

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($49.00 )

Why not squeeze some fresh sugar cane and mix it with lime? People have been enjoying this treat for thousands of years...8-10 canes per 5 lbs.

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Bay Leaves
($6.50 )

I walk outside go to the tree pick the leaves and put them in a bag and ship them to you. Does not get better then that!

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Canistel Fruit
(From: $52.00 )

This fruit creates an ice cream to die for. The Canistel was recently featured on the front page of the Miami Herald as "Yummy Yummy" !

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Golden Passion Fruit Seed
($4.99 )

Now available my famous Golden Passion fruit seed !

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Guanabana Soursop
(From: $99.00 )

Some call this the most amazing fruit you will ever eat. I try to be more humble and say it is in my top 5. Well worth a try!

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(From: $69.00 )

The Purple Mangosteen is known as the Queen of the tropical fruit world. The King is the Jackfruit, as we know.

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($155.00 )

The Jackfruit is the king of the tropical fruits and the largest tree born fruit in the world. Some fruits weigh over 80 lbs. Wow! Please note...these fruits are large, so you may receive one fruit weighing 20lbs.

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($42.00 )

When I'm in Costa Rica there are three staple drinks they make from fresh fruits and this fruit is one of them. For a reason. Tasty

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Water Apple
($99.00 )

The nickname for this fruit is the "water apple", delicate yet crunchy. Only available for a tiny time frame so jump on it now!

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Exotic Tropical Fruit of the Month Club
($599.00 )

I consider this a CSA because we are the only place besides Hawaii that these special fruits grow. We are as local as you can be.

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(From: $65.00 )

Related to the lychee. The Indonesian word for Rambutan is hairy. It is widely known for being on the super foods list.

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Exotic Tropical fruit of the month club

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