Miolea Organic Farm

(Adamstown, Maryland)
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Organic Baby Chick Feed
($12.00 )

Fresh made feed, high in fish protien. We use it for our day-old chicks.

Local Pickup Only

Organic Strawberry Jam
($13.00 )

Award winning, certified organic, strawberry Jam - 8 ounce jars.

Grade AA Brown Free Range Chicken Eggs
($5.50 )

Free Range, Certified Organic, Grade A, Brown Eggs from Heritage Breed Rhode Island Red Layers.

Local Pickup Only

Garlic Certified Organic
($6.50 )

Purple Glazer, purple stripes, excellent flesh, soft neck, fragrant, not over powering.

Apple Jelly
($5.50 )

Ruby John Apples - 8 ounce jars, made with fresh maryland ingredients from this year's harvest.

Low Sugar Organic Strawberry Jam
($12.00 )

Made by demand, this jam contains 43% less sugar and 50% more strawberries then our original recipe.


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