Root Cellar Herbs

(New Durham, New Hampshire)
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Weight Loss Tincture
($15.00 )

Helps with losing those unwanted pounds!! The herbs grown for this tincture work together to help you achieve your goal!!

Hair Growth Tincture
($15.00 )

Hair Growth Tincture adds vitamins and stimulates hair growth.

Anti-Anxiety Tincture-Seek Peace
($15.00 )

A tincture to take before bed for insomnia, stress relief as well as a muscle relaxant.

Kidney Cleanse Tincture
($15.00 )

Traditionally known to help rid the body of excess uric acid, destroy bacteria and cleanse the kidneys.

Diabetes Care Tincture
($15.00 )

These herbs are traditionally known to help balance blood sugar levels in the body.

Cancer Care Tincture
($15.00 )

Provides herbs to help with boosting your immune system and clearing out toxins.

Colon Cleanse Care Tincture
($15.00 )

This tincture should be taken for cleaning out the colon 2-x a year. In capsule form as well!!

Anemia Tincture -The Iron FIst
($15.00 )

A natural way to add iron to your diet. Try growing your own horseradish and make salad dressings with the root!!

Anti-Fungal Tincture
($15.00 )

These herbs are traditionally known to help with any type of fungal infection.

Depression Support Tincture-Got the Blue's?
($15.00 )

Scientifically proven to be as effective as Prozac for Depression without all of the scary side effects!

Muscle Madness Tincture
($15.00 )

A natural alternative to muscle building shakes!! A great source of testosterone.

Tinnitus Care Tincture
($15.00 )

Help for ringing of the ears!! A tonic for ear issues.

Root Cellar Herbs is a small apothecary located in rural NH. We are a family owned and operated business offering you organic, natural herbal products for your health and beauty needs. I have also created a Natural Animal Product Line as well. I am a Certified, Medical Herbalist and specialize in Compound Tinctures for your specific needs. Please contact me for any customized products, or with any questions. Thanks for shopping local!! Linda

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