Root Cellar Herbs

(New Durham, New Hampshire)
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Sciatica Tincture
($15.00 )

These herbs are very effective in rebuilding and toning frayed nerves to help with sciatica pain.

Anti Fungal Spray
($25.00 )

Great for ringworm, Athletes' Feet or any fungal infection of the skin.

Antiseptic Salve
($15.00 )

Use on any cut, wound, abrasion, rash, fungal infection, in place of using a Anti-bacterial product.

Aromatherapy Spray
($10.00 )

A spray to use in your car, house, bathroom, as a perfume or spray your bedsheets.

Arthritis Pain Relief Salve
($25.00 )

A great pain relief for arthritis or gout and FAST!!

Breathe Deep Tincture
($15.00 )

For Bronchitis, Asthma, Lung Congestion or any Respiratory issue.

Cancer Care for Animals
($15.00 )

Activates the immune system, helps to relieve pain and has anti-tumor properties.

Carpal Tunnel Care Oil
($25.00 )

A pain relief for nerve pain in your wrist., try my Carpal Tunnel Care Tincture for internal healing of the frayed nerves as well!

Carpal Tunnel Tincture
($15.00 )

Nervine herbs to help with the pain of Carpal Tunnel. Try our Carpal Tunnel Oil for external relief as well.

Cold Care Tincture
($15.00 )

Help for those cold symptoms!! Boost your Immune System as well.

Cyst/Fibroid Care Tincture
($15.00 )

Helps to slow the growth and dissolve cysts and fibroids by normalizing hormonal imbalances.

Daily Vitamin Drops Tincture
($15.00 )

A complex formula to supplement your vitamin intake. Try growing your own alfalfa Sprouts on the windowsill!!

Root Cellar Herbs is a small apothecary located in rural NH. We are a family owned and operated business offering you organic, natural herbal products for your health and beauty needs. I have also created a Natural Animal Product Line as well. I am a Certified, Medical Herbalist and specialize in Compound Tinctures for your specific needs. Please contact me for any customized products, or with any questions. Thanks for shopping local!! Linda

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